Truly accessible FB apps?

Hey everyone! Anyone noticed that most facebook apps, to put it bluntly, have gone to crap lately? I can't stand the new regular one from FB themselves. As for Facely, it's just like the mobile site. There is too much clicking and stuff, not to mention, unless someone has liked a post, or commented on it, you can't comment with it. I'd like something I can easily update my status, tag people, comment on posts, and upload photos and videos with. Any ideas? Thanks!


I would have to agree on the

I would have to agree on the facebook app. It isn't very accessible. I have tried Facely too and found that that's even worse! Currently on my phone I have Messenger (focuses on your messages only and accessibility isn't that bad), Facebook (which I already mentioned isn't very accessible but esspecially since the newest update), and Focus (which is very easy to use with VoiceOver!!) Focus deals with everything on facebook accept for messages. Using focus you can chatt, read news feed, comment and like your friends posts. It also filters app spam in your news feed. I use all three of these apps because one of them can't do everything I need it to. But Focus is an amazing app!!!! I highly recomend you get it!!! It will make things much easier!!!

Further thoughts

I would agree with all that is said. Focus does not list all your friends updates, only those Facebook thinks you interact with the most, so you will miss certain people's updates altogether with this app. Otherwise it is great. I also have Vonage for Facebook which lets you phone people through Facebook, and use Palringo for Facebook and other messaging.

Truly Accessible FB apps

I have found the FB official app to be quite accessible and usable with VO. I've never tried Focus though How good is that app? Is it Free??

FB App Accessibility

It was accessible until it was redesigned. Even after the redesign it was usable for a few weeks, but in the last few weeks they took away the ability to like or comment unless something has already been liked or commented on. Don't think the friend suggestions are accessible either. Only parts of it are accessible now and it's quite important bits that aren't. It certainly isn't going in the right direction

Yes Focus is free!! And I

Yes Focus is free!! And I forgot to mention earlier that yes, it does only show newsfeed that Facebook thinks is important. I would recomend you try it. I use it a lot more then I use any of the other Facebook apps. I do wish though that the Facebook app was accessible. I shouldn't have updated it!