Troubles advancing to the Next Page on humanware Braille Displays with Apple Books

Hello. For the past few weeks, I have had issues panning from page to page on both my Brailliant BI and BrailleNote Touch connected to my iPhone 7. I have turn pages with panning on in Braille settings, as well as margins advance in the books settings.
The issue seems to be because when I preis the thumb key that pans to the next page, it moves me to the book title. The page seems to be treated like a normal page, rather than an easily scrollable text box. I hope I can find out the answers why!


#1 Page chooser?

Hello Mitch,
Using a hims u2 I hit space-456 then space-1 four times.
The display says "page chooser page 23 adjustable."
Then I can hit space-3 or space-6 to change the page.
A horrible clunky system imfo.

#2 That sometimes comes up, but

There used to be a way for it to seamlessly change pages. Sometimes, the page chooser comes up, but then it doesn't. Would this be classified as a bug, that you can't pan to turn pages?