Trouble navigating Amazon's main site

Hi all. I know someone had trouble with Amazon to which I responded the other day. Now it's my turn. If I start flicking down a product page, it will suddenly put me in the reviews section and there's nothing I can do to get out of it. I can stop interacting, but it doesn't seem to help. I either go completely out of the web content, or I end up trying to navigate and get put back in that spot. If this makes any sense and you know any helpful suggestions, I'd appreciate it. No, I don't want to use the amazon access site. i'm not a fan.



I honestly use the access site, and it works on my end just fine. Honestly if you're having theese issues, can you try doing a VO home to go to the top of page and scroll by headings to wherever you want to go? Or have you tried this and it's not working either. Other than those or using the access site, I'm afraid I can't help any more than that. :)

Mobile Site and Heading Navigation

App Developer

I think this is what the previous comment meant, but I would suggest using the mobile version of the site. There’s a link to it right at the top of the desktop site.
Otherwise, using VO+command+H to navigate by heading is useful for getting unstuck from areas of the page. Especially on Amazon where they have a bunch of useful headings. If you combine shift with that, it goes backward through headings. If you know all this already, great.

disability number

I use the number to look for what I need they put them in my card and use my PC window 10 to go google and amazon and purchase what I need. The app in the iPhone dis not work well. Sometimes the web page in my PC does not work well so the number is for me.

thanks everyone

For the last commenter, I don't have windows and to me, the app works fine so, thanks. The other two, I think I can use the command shift h. I mainly bring up the roter with voice over u and that's when I manage to get stuck in the reviews section. Sorry but as I said, the access site is awful and I won't ever use it. I appreciate the help.

Totally understandable

Totally understandable SioBhan. The best thing ya can do at this point is do what Peter said and use CMD+VO+H to go thru headings on the page and CMD+Shift+H to go back by headings. This is what I do as well, and I rarely use the rotor anymore. It's just like using windows screen reader navigation commands to navigate by headings, links, form fields, etc. If you need more help with these, there should be a relivant section in the VO help menu, accessed by pressing VO+H then VO+H again to get to the commands menu.

I can replicate the issue

The only Mac-specific workaround I've found in Safari 12 on MacOS 10.14.3 is to disable JavaScript in Safari when attempting to use the standard amazon site (Develop menu > Disable JavaScript). The issue also happens in Chrome 72 stable & 74 canary. The issue does not happen in current IOS Safari nor in Firefox & chrome on windows 10 1809.

As far as i can tell, it seems to occur wherever amazon is using javascript to automatically popup a web dialog, and there's something about those dialogs that makes them difficult and in some cases impossible to close using VO or standard OS keystrokes. Sometimes the dialogs put Safari into the "Safari busy" state. Ironically, the issue seems particularly bad when attempting to identify which accessibility features are enabled in a Kindle book. These features are listed under the "Book Details" heading in a Kindle listing, and something about them really hijacks VO.