trouble creating and managing folders

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I'm having trouble organising my aps into folders using latest I S 8 on i phone 6. Having trouble dragging aps onto eachother and hearing nothing when one ap is on another according to most guides it should say creating folder and yet it remains silent. I hold my finger down as long as i reckon is needed and does nothing. I can create folders but often with aps i do not wish to make as folders. Any help would be greatly appreciated its frustrating the hell out of me. As i'm getting on with my i phone i'm getting more aps so i do need to order them in folders really so i dont create pages and pages of aps the less pages the better. really. am i just being inpatient as it seems to go silent for a long time and appears to be doing nothing when i have one ap on another as i understand it it should then create folder but it doesnt sadly


RE: trouble creating and managing folders

Hello Mark:

The frustration that you feel probably has hit all of us iOS VO users. First of all, it takes some getting used to with regard to getting the first two apps to hover over each other. Practice is what you have to do, unfortunately. Second, this may be n iOS8 related issue, as well. I haven't needed to create a folder since the latest release so can't be certain of this.

Basically, all you need to do is do a single finger double tap and hold on the second tap until you have the ascending tone. Then, without lifting your finger, drag the app icon to the desired second app. You should get VO confirmation that it's creating a folder. Sometimes I just drag the individual apps to a blank screen and then start the folder creation.

Also, since iOS8's release, you can't do anything with the last row of apps found just above the dock so if an app you want to place into a folder is found there, you will need to move all other apps to the left of said app until it gets to the next row up. Then you can do something with it. This may require you to move apps to the next screen if this screen is full. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

One last thing... Sometimes I find that the speed that I use will either make or break the folder creation process. What I mean is, VO is pretty good at giving you feedback during this drag and drop process but if I don't wait for the feedback noises then I shortcircuit the software and have to start over. It's difficult to explain this more effectively, but, with practice I know you will get what I mean. My impatient fingers like things to happen faster than the software allows sometimes.

Anyway, I hope this helps you get folderized. This certainly has helped me to keep organized. Remember, iOS gives you folder names based on the first two apps put into it but you can easily relabel the folder if you want to. After the folder is made, open it up and locate the text lable of the folder above the apps. Double tap on it and clear the text out before relabeling it to what makes sense to you.

Hi Roxann

Hi Roxann

thanks for your reply i found your tips very helpful i created my first folder earlier and find i'm getting to grips with it a bit more. the idea of making this new folder on a blank pages helps as allows you not to get confused or accidentily make a folder of aps you dont wish to.

Yep i noticed the bottom row glitch too. many thanks for your help


I am so glad you were successful. I know that creating folders has assisted me to group similar apps together and to keep my screens down to two. I like to use screen three for new apps. I just keep them there during the testing phase. If they win my stamp of approval then they find their way into a keeper folder.

Anyway, glad it's working for you now.