For trivia crack gamers: WWF cards and special questions

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Hello, I'd like to update other visually impaired Trivia Crack players about a Trivia Crack update which came up Yesterday, 14th April. Till 24th April there is an initiative for WWF, they have put up a special card machine, cards can be bought with real money not with gems and money will go to WWF for environment preservation. To be honest, I'd not spend about 40 dollars for in-app purchases on a game, if I wish to donate to an environment association -or whatever- I'll do it from their donation pages, not from other companies. But a friend of mine bought them and gave me screenshots, so I used the BeSpecular app test version and got their values. I have listed them into the complete list of cards with bonus values so that you can choose yourself if it's Worth buying them. The highest is Wildlife, the most expensive, which gives 18 coins per 24 hours, maybe that could be good if you missed Allegro from the carnival machine. But to get the final one -which gives 2 lives per hour- the other 5 cards must be bought; no card gives extra-spins, only one gives 5 gems every 5 days; so, if you're interested in spins, tranquilly skip this machine.

Another tip: till 24th April, questions are regarding environment too; I noticed there are a lot of picture questions, so, if you don't mind, I'd give you the suggestion to play with cards giving you coins, rather then Others, so that you can use power ups to skip picture questions without being afraid to lose extra-coins. Check the link above to find cards which fit your needs best. Bye for now! P.S. next update should come at the end of the month, they should solve VoiceOver not reading bonus values, hope it's true!


5 gems per day or per 5 days?

Hello, you said on the first page it's 5 gems per day but then on your list it says 5 gems for 5 days. Which is correct? Thanks for all your lists.

5 gems every 5 days

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5 gems every 5 days, not 5 gems per day.
I'll correct the mistake!

really sorry for mistake

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I have corrected the "5 gems per day" mistake. It was 5 gems every 5 days, I feel really ashamed of what a serious mistake it was, I did not even notice of it, hoping no one bought the card thinking of having 5 gems per day. Luckily on the complete cards database it was correct!
I have also another user from Reddit telling me the price in euro was not the same in dollars so I should correct it too
Sorry for any inconvenience, please feel free to tell me if I make such mistakes.