TimeCrest Crystals

Do I get a certain number of crystals for free when I start using time crest? If I don't how many crystals should I use and how many should I buy?


Time crystals

When you download TimeCrest, you start out with 20 crystals. You can get more free time crystals by visiting Sneaky'crab's YouTube, forums, Facebook, and Twitter. You also get free time crystals by tweeting or following some of the in-game characters.

Obtaining Time crystals.

You can indeed tweet characters and such to get more if desired, or you can even get packs which have quite a few. There are also other chances within the story for you to get more scattered throughout all 10 chapters. In chapter 5 for example, the wrong way might be in fact the right way. Another might be found if you slay the right beast in chapter 10. There are more: Best of luck!

Time Crystals

At what point will I need to make an – app purchase you help me with the progression of the game?


you could choose to make a purchase at any time.

I noticed when I went back

I noticed when I went back to my iPhone after 2 years of not using it that the twitter account I use although correct for some reason no longer works. I know twitter updated their api, so is there a way to tweet the characters again as the connect button is dimmed when I try to reconnect my account. Is there a way to reset that so I can try again to log on using the correct account with time crest? I want to use my personal account again.