Time teller

Hello all. Could you help me to find accessible time teller likes timely? It has removed from app store right? So, is there any accessible time teller like that? I need to find time teller App that can tell me a quarter hour, half our, and an hour. Like timely did. Thanks for your answer.


Hmm, I have a grandfather

Hmm, I have a grandfather clock that will chime on the quarter hours and chime on the full hours like the real deal, it's called Grand Clock. I know there is a setting on the mac that will allow you to have it tell the time on the quarter, half or hours. However, I'm not exactly sure if there is an app like timely in the app store now.


Thanks for your answer. I'll try it..

Can't access with VO

Hi friends, i've install grandclock on my iPhone. But, when i open it, VO can't read anything. Do you have any suggestion?

You have to tap at the top

You have to tap at the top right corner of the screen to enable settings. the audio is coming thru the phones earpiece, I have no idea why. Anyway, settings pops up, go into schedule and more, then the audio comes out of the phone's main speaker, go back into settings, select what chime you want, interval, etc. You can also purchase chimes for 99 US cents. then the chimes you purchase will download and install.
Sorry, as I don't have a currency converter, so I can't convert it to other currency around the world currently, so I using myself in this instance. If you have any usable light perseption or vision, you'll see when you tap on the right corner of the screen in the top the screen gets a lot brighter, thats the settings panel.
HTH, and take care.

Westminster Chimes

It's fully accessible with voice over. I use it on my iPhone 6 ios 8.2 and I really enjoy it. Good Luck.

I used to use G clock until I

I used to use G clock until I found about GrandClock. I didn't really care for G clock as the chimes weren't as realistic as they are with grand clock. I love it because you can actually hear the movement of the gears when the clock strikes the hours, etc.

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for all of your comments. I can use grandclock now..

Grand clock and airplay

The ticking is coming through my earpiece, not my main speaker. That also makes voiceover and all my other sounds come through the earpiece. When the chimes sound, it switches to my Bluetooth speakers, but then if I use Siri it goes back to the earpiece again. Help!

I Recommend Chime

This app has been on my phone for years now. I really like it. You can select several different increments for it to announce the chime. I use every half hour and every hour. One of my favorite features is the ability to choose different announcement types. There is a male or female voice, there is a simple beep, and my favorite is the roman numotones, which just means that, on the half hour, is a smaller or shorter beep, and on the one hour it's a bit longer beep. Finally, if you are in church, a meeting, or in a location that is quiet, all you need to do is set your phone on mute and then you will only receive a vibrate when the time announcement occurs. It's very discrete and I find it more than meets my needs. Love it.

i use talktime

hi use talktime. it's a simple app. I use this since last year. it's work grate to me

Westminster Chimes

It can chime every 15 minutes, half hour, or hour. I like it because it runs in the background. The last time I tried Grand Clock, the app had to be opened (that may have changed over the years though).

With grand clock, go into

With grand clock, go into settings, tap at the top right hand corner of the screen until you hear something like settings, then go into the chime and more option, back out of it and go back to the main screen and all the sounds will be running thru the main speaker. I don't know of any other way of getting the main sounds to go thru the main speaker besides that.


The Grand clock app just got a pretty significant update for those who were wondering. The issue with the audio coming thru the ear piece has been resolved! settings button is in the bottom left hand corner of your screen now, same as before just tap and it will appear.
HTH, and happy chiming!

Grand Clock

I installed this app on my iPhone and iPad Mini, and I actually prefer it to Westminster Chimes. I did have the issue last night of sound coming through the earpiece instead of the speaker. The only way I was able to fix it, was to close Grand Clock from the app switcher. Surprisingly, the chimes still work when the app is closed.

Grand Clock

After reading all your comments about grand clock, I bought this app and also that Westminster chimes. But the clicking sound attracted me to keep the grand clock and delete the other one. But now my question is, is there any ways to hear that clicking sound forever? I found it can be heard only the app is running in the background. I wish it can be heard, even if we're closing it entirely. I mean even from the app switcher.


Not sure

I'm not sure; the same thing is happening here. The chimes work when the app is closed, but the clock sound doesn't. It could be worth emailing the developer. I sent him an email yesterday asking if he could possibly look into creating a cuckoo clock app or adding cuckoo sounds, and he was extremely responsive. It's possible the app just needs to be open in order to hear the ticking sound, but the developer would know if it's something that could be changed in a future release.

Grand Clock

O it's ok then. I thought I dono how to configure it myself.


GrandClock clicking sound

From what I understood you have to let the app running from the app switcher in order to hear the clicking sound.

ticking and chimes

The reason that you hear chimes even when the app is closed is because it runs through the notification Center. However, it would take way too much memory and phone power to have the app take every second to the notification Center. In other words, the app would have to send a notification to the center every single second for it to work.