Is there a podcast on making ringtones using GarageBand for iOS?

Hi apple vis,
I know that there is a way to make ringtones using GarageBand for iPhone. Can someone make a podcast on how to do that with voiceover?


Thanks but one question.

Thanks for the response. One question. Since they don’t have this song Hillary duff confetti as a ringtone option on YouTube, I’m wondering since I have Apple Music. Can I take the song that I mentioned from my Apple Music library and convert it into a ringtone? Also how was the person able to run a shortcut on downloading the ringtone and putting it in iCloud Drive?


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No Apple doesn't allowed to do this with Apple Music. Because protecting from copywriting. I hope that open will allow to convert songs with Apple Music in the future.

Re no

What if I bought the song from itunes?can i do it?

not sure about that but

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hello angel;
try this song preview ios shortcut;
it will let you listen to a 30 second music track, and you will also find the option to share the audio track in m4a format;
what i usually do is to change the extension from m4a to m4r and i have a 30 second ringtone;
hope that helps ;

also, you may want to listen to this demonstration on using the above shortcut;


How do I change the file from a M for a file to a M for R using a Mac with voiceover? I already put the ringtones that I wanted in dropbox.


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unfortunately i use windows; not the mac, sorry


That’s fine. I will figure out how to do that on the Mac with voiceover. Thanks for your help.