Is there an accessible way to use Spotify on the Mac?


I've got spotify premium, and it works ok on my iPhone. But the mac app is completely inaccessible. Is there any alternative that is accessible? The only app that seems to work is repeatify, but this app doesn't allow searching songs, and is made for something else, and isn't handy for me. Does anybody know of a better spotify app?


google win?

App Developer

in my opinion, the spotify application in iOS is very accessible, but not on the desktop. So on the desktop recommend google music.

It is not perfect, but you can interact with it with screen readers and voiceover on the desktop and iOS.

(The downside is that you lose all spotify lists !)

I contacted Spotify multiple times via Twitter

I contacted Spotify through Twitter multiple times regarding this issue, and they haven't fixed it. Username is @spotifycares If most of us contact them, maybe that'll get them to fix these issues and make the Mac and Windows apps at least usable? Reason I say both the Mac and Windows apps is that they get updated just as often. Before, you used to be able to navigate the list of songs with the arrow keys. This is not the case anymore, and it needs to be fixed.