Hi Folks, As I think about the TapTapSee subscription discussion, it occurs to me that if I had to pay someone to come to my home and help me identify colors in my wardrobe every day or, if I had to take someone with me to read temporary door signs when I am trying to find a particular conference room in a hotel, it would cost me a lot more than seven cents per image. I think it is important to remember that people are actually being paid to identify these photos for us. So, we need to pay for the service and use the app as a tool. I certainly hope that it is not shut down because I don't have sighted assistance available to me 24/7 to do the things I can do with TapTapSee.


#1 Not arguing with you at all

I don't disagree with anything you've said, but as I said in the other thread, my concern is that some of the descriptions I've gotten are completely useless, and what about people who aren't skilled at using the camera and need a few pictures to get a useable image? I don't know. I can see both sides of the situation, but as someone who isn't good with the camera and is on a very limited income, neither of the current payment plans is feaseable.

#2 with popularity, costs go up

The money has got to come from somewhere. It's been suggested by some folks that this was a bate and switch. A company lures us in by offering free stuff, and then starts charging later on! This quite definitely is not the case. The reason is because the service got to be more popular, thanks to social media, and just plane word of mouth from its user base. If something's good nd works great, you're most likely going to tell people about it, that's how it is nowadays. But people have choices, and whining never accomplishes anything. The company isn't going to just change its mind because a bunch of people complain about the price. Also it was mentioned that folks not good with the camera could potentially waste them by trying things out. My idea about that is to try one of the free apps to get a feel for how you're supposed to place the phone and then when you're really ready, you could buy 8 bucks worth of pics from tap tap see and you'd have lots of them to use. 100 pics should last people a good long time. You can just use them til you run out, and then buy more when necessary.

#3 I am totally with you here. I

I am totally with you here. I listed down some reasons why to buy the subscription: 1. The service is great, fast and works excellent. Speaking of camera placement, if the thing you wan't to recognise is not on the picture, it obviously can't detect whats on it. * Try placing your phone in landscape mode, so the home button is to your left hand side. Now the camera is located at the top left back corner of your phone. That is the point wich has to face the object directly. You can feel it with yuor finger, but make shure that they are not in front of it, because obviously the picture can't be taken then. 2. In my opinion, asking someone to come and help you to read that box, find that red shirt or whatever would cost about 10 to 20 bucks. (counting in all the transpotation costs, and the money you would pay for the assistance.. Obviously it depends on who and when and where, but still I hugely prefer taking a picture. And in the end, we all want to be as independant as possible and we don't want to disturb our family members, friends or other folks by facetiming them every minute to ask what it is. (The idea is basically the same that the startedr of the topic pointed out.) 3. Some things are just worth supporting. Without tap tap see, many people would be in great great trouble. I would support these guys even if I wouldn't use it. 4. If you had resources to get that expensive iPhone, then you should accept that you would have to pay for some services. Don't get me wrong here, I totally understand when people don't have these resources available at the moment or any more, I am just sharing my ideas. I really don't want it to look like I would nag at someone right now. :( So, these are my 4 points, why the cost is not high at all and why people who use the service should get it. I know the developers might read this forum, so here's a suggestion / consideration to you and discussion to others. I am not a very heavy user of the service yet as I live with a sighted person. However, from time to time there's a computer wich crashed, a tv menu to read, whatever. So I wouldn't mind 50 picture per month plan. I would totally live with it and pay about 5 bucks per month happily.

#4 How to Subscribe

I just opened the app and did not see how to subscribe. No in-app purchase option, and I tried taptapsee.com, and it's a domain for sale. Any help appreciated. Scott

#5 On twitter

Hi! According to the apps twitter account yesturday, it should pop up in a week or so. quote from tap tap sees reply on twitter: "@......... It's unrolling over the next few days. That's why some already saw it and some will see it at a later time."

#6 Subscriptions are being introduced over the next few days.

App Developer

Hi Scott, The subscriptions are being introduced over the next few days. We offer two options. Option 1) 100 Picture Pack for $7.99 with no time limit. Option 2) 1 Month of Unlimited Pictures for $9.99. The purchase is done through your Apple iTunes account. Also, our website is http://TapTapSeeApp.com. Best Wishes, TapTapSee Team

#7 Tap tap See

I feel this was a slap in the face the way they are restructuring this. This morning wife and I wanted to know what K cups we had. And then comes the info about purchasing their new plans. We both can't afford their pricing! We don't use Tap tap See enough to make it worth it! Digit Eyes will not read the label on K cups themselves. Tap tap See does a wonderful job on my wife's iPhone 4S. Plus I have an old iPod Touch 4th generation so if I want anything to be idintifyed we use her phone. I hope they would reconsider and make it a purchased app in the future. Going to take Tap tap See of my iTouch today.

#8 paying for Tap Tap See

This is the best service I've used. I think $7 for 100 pics with no time limit is a great rate, and I'm more than happy to pay for it. Even if a few pics are wrongly identified, the results of pictures being identified by a human are far better than those identified by a computer. In the end people can choose the tool they want for a particular task - if you think you'll get a good match with another app which uses google to identify pics, then give that a shot. If you miss out, use Tap Tap See. For mine, I just want a fast, accurate result, so I'll always go for Tap Tap See. Cam