suggestion accessible audio editor for mac

hy guys, I wont to know, what the best accessible audio editor for the mac.
like goldwave on windows machine, thanks.
sorry for my language.


#2 audacity

The free Audacity can still be used if you are willing to work around many interface problems. I do use it on a daily basis.
The old screen reader fully accessible version (two. One. One) is fine but feels quite outdated now.
2.3.1 is the version I would recommend. Wouldn't recommend the newest version 2.3.2 though as it adds another interface problem with nyquist plug-ins. This is on Mac OSX High Sierra; maybe slightly different on other mac versions.

Logic Pro X above is also great that the interface can be a little complex.

#3 thankYou four the answer.

thankYou for the answer. logic pro is to expensif for mi.