Submitting a Podcast

I just found out how to record a good podcast, but now I have to post it. Any one have suggestions? Specifically, I'm using ThumbJam, (although I also have GarageBand) and that takes care of my recording needs. Now I have to run it in the background to demo another app, and then it's post time. What do you guys think?


#1 You can record a podcast on

You can record a podcast on your iDevice, but submitting it would be a bit of a bigger problem if you only want to use your iDevice. That is because of apple's very restrictive sandboxing you can't upload files to web pages with safari because this would require full access to the file system. Unless you're jailbroken in which case no problem there. But if you're running clean iOS, the only way I see you being able to get a podcast up is if you upload the file to, say, dropbox and get a public link, and then ask the applevis staff to get the file from your DB and look at it that way. How you can generate a public link in the iOS app, I have no idea. There's still mail attachments as well, but then your podcast would have to be extremely small so it would either have to be very short or sound really bad. Of course, if you have a computer then you can just get the file off your device via iTunes and upload it that way.

#2 How would I go about

How would I go about submitting it to AppleVis from iTunes?

#3 Uploading audio to the site

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First make sure that your iDevice is connected to your computer. Open iTunes and browse to the device. Click on the 'Apps' tab. Scroll down to the list of apps that support file sharing and select the one that you used to record the audio. From the list of files that should now be displayed, select the correct one and save it to your computer.

Once you have the audio file on your Mac or PC, you can upload this via the form on the following page: