Strange Braille display behavior on Catalina

Hi there. I bought a Macbook Pro a few days ago for school. I've connected a Braille display to it, a Brailliant BI 40 that's about 5 or 6 years old. I've been using it on my WIndows desktop for several months now with JAWS and NVDA with no problems at all but Mac OS is giving me a really hard time. Most of the system apps along with MS Office on the Mac run fine but other stuff like Discord make Voiceover chug, taking seconds to respond to my keyboard input. Braille input doesn't fair much better, being incredibly slow and often not inputting anything or even updating the Braille display properly.

In system apps it fairs better but I can neither delete nor make a new line when in 6-dot mode. 8-dot mode just types weird characters when I try to delete or return. I'm really confused here and I can't find any way to make it behave the way I want. I've tried connecting over USB and Bluetooth with the same result. I have an old ebay iMac which gave me the exact same results. Is the display too old or something? Some misconfigured setting somewhere that breaks everything? I tried switching what braille tables are used with no luck. I do have to swich the display's protocol from Openbraille to Humanware to get it to work at all on Mac OS, not sure if that might be doing something wonky. It's on loan from my college and I plan on getting a new one soon. Thank you for any help.