Strange behavior on the Youtube site with MacOS Sierra

Hi all. I can't figure out why this happens, here goes. If i'm on the main youtube site, i click on a channel name, say applevis. As soon as I do, I hear Subscribe spoken over and over, could be ten times in a row, could be maybe two. Has anyone else had this happen? i can't do anything until Voice over finally stops talking so I can bring up headings list etc. Thanks for any help.


I've Experienced This

I've had this happen too and it's very odd. A sister of mine has been experiencing a similar thing, and I don't think she even has Sierra yet. But I have had very good luck using to listen to stuff. They recently started using an HTML5 player, and the site works beautifully with VoiceOver. Only one video plays per page too which is nice.

Thanks for that

I don't like other sites, I try to use the main site. I'll check that out. I want to read the descritpion if put up, click the vid, then hit "back" to get back to find other results. Thanks ofr this. I'll see what's up.

Not able to repro

Club AppleVis Member

I've tried in Safari and Chrome using macOS Sierra VoiceOVer and and activating a channel on I may be missing a step, so I'd like to ask if exact repro steps can be provided.

Steps to repro

Ok, I don't know what you did, I use Safari and voice over Mac os Siera. Click on a video. Click down the first heading level one, then click the name of the person who uploaded. As it loads, you should hear "Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe..." and it only stops when it feels like it. What did you do that supposedly worked?