Status Bar in OS X

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I start to use in mac.
I don't kno how i reach to the status bar?
To chect in battery status and the time.
I happy for yours for help.
Thank you!


Try This

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Try either pressing vo-m, then m again (while still holding the vo keys down), or look at this other forum topic. Note that when you press vo-m-m, you must then vo-left or vo-right until you find the menu you want. Escape will exit the menus.

control f8 for the extras

control f8 for the extras menu. then vo left right to what ever you want and vo down arrow to access the items inside.

extras menu

for me, enter the menu can be accomplished by down arrowing with quick nag turned off. VO down arrow does not work.

Sure it does. All you do is

Sure it does. All you do is vo space on the itum then vo down arrow. the exception to this is time machine where a vo shift space is needed to enter the menu. This has been the case since I believe ml but not sure.