ssh client

I need an accessible ssh client to run on my iPhone. Any recomendation? Thanks.



Hello Vilmar, or should I say bom dia, como vai? It's good to see more Brazilian friends here :) I have heard about a ssh client, the app seems to be very accessible with voiceover. Here's the link for it in the app directory: It has been a long time since someone tested it for the last time, you should give it a try and check. If you do so, please update the information in the app directory! abraços!

Hi Lucas, good to know that

Hi Lucas, good to know that you are here. I will test ssh terminal and I will post the my impressions. Thanks.

It works

Seems that ssh terminal works well. No problems regarding accessibility.


Good! Now that I use a bluetooth keyboard, it's going to be very nice to use a ssh client on the iPhone :)