Spotify and voiceover (ios6.1)

Hello everyone, After not using spotify premium for half a year or so i reinstalled it on my iphone. I am using ios 6.1 but dont seem able to log into spotify from my idevice. I have a traditional non facebook spotify account. I can get to a button to login via facebook and next to that there is a text reading something like: if you are already a member login here (i have the dutch version). But if i doubletap on that using vo nothing happens. Does anyone know a way around this (for example by disabling vo) or do I have to ask a sighted person for help? A bit disappointed that apparently spotify for ios has become a bit less accessible especially since it seems the only usable streaming service here in nl. Thanks in advance for any help Greetings, Anouk,



I don't think this is in IOS 6 issue. The spotify app is quite inaccessible.

logging into spotify without facebook accessibility

Hello again, Some specefic pointers on the issue at hand would be nice. In general once i have spotify working i just use it to type in artist names or song titles and that part of the program used to work fine for me. Lets see if it still does once i am able to log in. Greetings, Anouk,


Ok, I spoke to a friend who uses spotify about your issue. From what we've discovered, spotify now requires a facebook account in order to use the service. I'm not sure how true that is, but everything we've discovered seems to imply that without a facebook account, you can't use spotify.

existing nonfacebook spotify account

Hello, Strange, On the website you can still login with your old spotify acount without needing facebook. I did that today and reactivated my premium account. In the iphone app it says to try spotify for free you need to login with facebook so i guess if you are a new user it might be true that you can only use facebook. But next to this is login info if you already an existing user. I guess iw ill try installing the desktop app to see if that will work and try sking a sighted personto cick onthat unlabeled button on the iphone tomorrow to see if that only leeds to facebook even for existing users. I really cant imagine that my account would be forfeit while i created that on the spotify site but we will see tomorrow. Greetings, Anouk,


Hello again, I just confirmed that, although rather unaccessible imho the desktop spotify client still works just fine with my old spotify account without facebook. I contacted spotify via their website to ask if this is also the case on the iphone and to report the fact that i am now locked out of using spotify because apparently the login feature does not work well with vo. Greetings, Anouk,


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How in the world are people using Spotify Preium? My understanding as a total blind person the web site is totally inaccessible and at one time the being able to create the playlist is also was not possible. Has this changed or does most people here that are using it not totally blind?

app accessibility

Hello annonymouse, I am totally blind. The website is accessible in sofar that i was able to create an account and subscribe to the premium service. In the beginning i used the desktop windows app but didnt find it too accessible not even being able to see if i had changed settings or not although you can use it to search for songs if you use the jaws cursor (i use my braille display to go over the screen). I guess you can search for other peoples playlists online and import them into the app though i never did that. I have used it on the iphone in the past with, for me, more success. I was able to change the programs settins and for what i use it for, searchng for artists and listening to their music or radio staton it works fine. Or worked at least i dont know at this tme. I have not used the playlist part of the app, i think you can sync your desktop playlists with the iphone app. I think in the Netherlands spotify is the only streaming service that is available so i dnt have much else choice if i dont want to load lots of stuff on my iphone. Greetins, Anouk

You're curious!

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Hi! Spotify works rather nicely. You can play stations, artists, playlists and even rearrange your playlists as you see fit. Because of your issue, I tried logging out of my account that I have connected to Facebook since I've had my account connected for a long time, even before the Facebook integration. The button label reads fine. If you double tap the "Log In with Spotify Details" button, it brings up an area with two fields, one for your username and the other for password details. When you're finished entering your information, you just tap the "Log in" button. I just tried using my actual Spotify user account details and I was logged in fine, although Spotify has been pretty flaky for me today. It claims connection times out even though it does not, so I'm not sure what's going on. Either way, you should be alright. I'm sorry this probably doesn't help you much, but everything honestly looks fine here. Logging in with my details even works. For clarification regarding Facebook accounts, this isn't a requirement and has never been. You can also still create Spotify accounts without relying on Facebook login details, although Spotify is pushing the Facebook integration. If you don't choose to use your Facebook login with Spotify, you can always connect this later on when you already have a Spotify account.

Hey Nicolai, Nice that you

Hey Nicolai, Nice that you are still around. Yeah for me when i doubletap that login button you mention nothing happens. I will of course try it again though. Are you also using ios6.1 and an iphone? Thanks for checking on your end and finally someone who is also using spotify with good results. Greetings, Anouk

Hi Nicolai, I found where the

Hi Nicolai, I found where the problem apparently is. I lost patience and created a facebook account. I had to log out of spotify because i want to merge the two now. I see that once you have logged out and want to log back in it is indeed accessible. So it is only not accessible with justyour spotify info if you launch the app the first time. Greetings, Anouk,

OSX Client

Hello Guys, Concerning the OSX client of Spotify, my last update was that it remains totally inaccessible with VO. Is anyone of you having a different experience? And in case the app really cannot be used, I think then there are several queries regarding an enhanced accessibility of Spotifys OSX clients to be put into place. The Windows client shows a poor level of accessibility as well, as far as I know... Its a strange thing having an almost quite nice working client on iOS and such a lack of accessibility on the desktops. Regards

merging accounts

p am nowtrying to merge my old sotify account with my facebook one but so far no success spotify says an error occured and that i should try again later. Well, at least i can now login with my old spotify account but now that i went through he trouble of creating a facebook profile connecting the two would be nice.t Greetings, Anouk,

Strange stuff

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Hi! It's quite weird that the UI changes and that part becomes accessible once you sign in with Facebook, then back out again. From what I can tell, it looks entirely the same, so I'm not sure why it's different when you log out. At least you managed to get on Spotify now though. The clash may happen if you try merging using Facebook itself. If you manually connect Spotify to Facebook by using your Spotify details using a web browser, it should go well I hope. That's how I originally linked it to my Facebook. As for OS X, it'd probably be more appropriate to start up another discussion where that is concerned. It keeps the directories a lot cleaner, and easier to search through. I'm not a member of the editorial team, as I'm sure I don't have to tell you as it doesn't show up when I post, but I'm sure you all know how cluttered it can get once notions about other platforms start to drop.

spotify works fine... unless you're on a mac... :(

Spotify works awesome on iPhone! I rarely have problems! I have logged in recently and it's fine! Although, for some reason, it moved a bunch of my playlists into an itunes folder and it wasn't something I did or music on my computer. I odn't know how to not have them in the folder because I'm scared if I delete them the folder then I'll lose them. NOt all of them went in the folder. I wish spotify worked on mac. It works on windows. It's a pain, but if you are willing to work with it, then it works okay. Not so on osx...