solara arena

Hi all. I have been playing Solara for a while now and want to build up my esper to get better shops, so I am trying to win the weekly arena tournaments. The highest I have managed to finish so far is second when I was level 25 but now other players seem to have a lot more rating. I manage to win nearly all my battles but the players who are ranked 1 and 2 every week have more than double the rating I get. I was wondering if there is anything I am missing. Any tips would be great. Also, how do I send gifts to other players?
Thanks for any help.


#1 Hello

I have noticed that, surprisingly enough, competing and winning those lower than you in the ranks gives you more rating plus than those next to you.



#2 more food

Thanks for the tip. I actually had a huge arena rating score last week and it was simply because I decided to build a lot more food shops which helped a lot because you can fight more which obviously allows you to gain more rating.

#3 Yup.

Indeed it does. I got lucky and ended up third in the arena last week, so got to the silver league without even being level 20 at the time. :P

#4 started again

I have actually created a new game center account and started Solara again and used my first experience to help avoid making mistakes. I am currently level 20 and at the moment first in the Silver Arena! I am planning on staying at level 20 and focusing on arena to build up a lot of esper. If anyone else comes to view this thread for tips I would say the most important things are to build a lot of max food and food production shops, and train your heroes as much as possible.