Slightly annoying issue with the latest update

One thing I’ve noticed in the latest update is that whenever I touch the bottom or top of the screen, I get a little popping sound which is quite annoying.
Voice-over is on, to be clear this is not keyboard clicks which I have turned on but something different.
If anyone knows what this i#@@@@@@@s or how to turn it off could you please let me know?


#1 Not a bug at all!

oh my, the ipad man doesn't know about a feature that's mentioned after upgrading to iOS 12, and is also explained in the Voiceover settings screen. The irony!
On a more sirius note, it's actually a feature "copied" from the iPhone 10 line, and it's in most cases a new option for accessing varius things including split view. For a complete list, see the Viceover settings. It's right below the bit about scrolling and tapping. If you find yourself not being able to execute those things right, the usual methods for bringing up the notification and control centers can still be used.
As for how to turn it off, you can at best imagine yourself doing so!

#2 I hate these new gestures, I

App Developer

I hate these new gestures, I really want to disable them on IPAD...but don't know how to do that!