the siriusXM app

Hi All,

Using the siriusXM app on the iPhone can anybody tell me how to get to the live feed of the mlb network channel?

I can pull it up by choosing sports from the categories list and from there choosing mlb play by play, but after I click on mlb play by play all I see are a list of all of the teams and what I assume are the channels that that team's games will be aired on, but that's all I can find and if I click on any of those team channels the mlb network channel does start playing if there's not a live game at the time, but unless I'm mistaken it sounds like what I'm getting may not be live and may instead be archived content.


The MLB channel is under

The MLB channel is under sports talk. It's in the same category as like ESPN radio mad dog etc. yes what you're hearing is archived content that is put on the channels when no game is in play.

thanks Joe

I managed to find the live channel last night by going to search and putting the channel number in. As usual with most things it looks like there may be more than one way to do this then.