Siri says there is a problem with the App when dictating a text

Hey everyone,

I have an iPhone 6 and just recently my Siri has started saying before asking for the next step, such as you say “send a text” before asking who you want to send it to she says “sorry there was a problem with the App” - If anyone knows how to fix this issue please comment. Thank you!


RE: Siri says there is a problem with the App when dictating a

Have you tried the basic troubleshooting steps such as powering down the phone or doing a hard reset? Sometimes this is all it takes to resolve many weird issues. Actually, this morning, when I put my Apple Watch on my wrist, it just wouldn't respond properly. The side button wouldn't even go to the doc. I powered the thing off and back on and all is well. See if that works for you.

2 things

I can think of 2 things that could be causing it. One of which you can do something about, the other you'd need to contact the dev.

1. Do you have offload unused apps turned on? If so, if you haven't used the app in a while, or you manually ofloaded it, Siri will say that. I know because it's happened to me when I've asked Siri to open an afp or do something & she'll say there was a problem. Or she may be more helpful & say `Sorry. I can't do that because you don't have (app name) installed` or something like that.

2. I'm not entirely sure how this works, but if the dev beta tests the app, sometimes shortcuts may get messed up. Not sure how this happens or why, I just know it does. And I know it does because it happened to Weather Gods in a beta test. In that case you'll need to contact the dev & explain the issue. And take screenshots of it as well sometimes there's more info on the screen than Siri says. As for 1, just put the app back on your device, & then you'll be good to go. Good luck & hope this helps!