siri lockscreen and airpods 2?

Dear all,
When giving a siri command through my airpods 2, everytime siri is done I have my lockscreen read out loud with voiceover. Is there a way that my lockscreen is not announced when I use siri from my lock phone through my airpods 2?
If you need clarification just ask smiley.


#1 is your screen locked?

Interesting, this doesn't happen to me. is your touchscreen locked when you do this?

#2 re screen lockaaed and siri

Yes it does that when siri is finished and my music continues again. I use an iphone 6s with the newest ios.

#3 Re: Reading locked screen

I have the Airpod 2 and an iPhone XR. I have never had it read the locked screen when giving a Siri command through the Airpods. I do usually keep the phone locked, i.e., screen off, with the phone in my pocket.


#4 Unfortunately, this is normal behavior

this also happens to me. I guess the lock screen is meant to appear for most voice commands when the display is facing upwards, i.e. not being dimmed because the phone detected it's facing the surface with its bottom. What I do in these cases is turn VoiceOver speech off with the three finger double tap gesture when I plan to put on my airPods 2 for an extended period of time. For now, I am not aware of any other possible fix for this behavior, and yes, I know how annoying it can sometimes be. :-)