Silversword, is it playable?

Hi everyone, i'm planning to buy silversword. The question is, is this game really playable?


#1 I asked the same question on

I asked the same question on here a few weeks ago, because touch arcade said it was, so I bought it. Well, I had very little luck with it honestly and I don't know why the devs claimed it was accessible. Parts of it are, but other parts like the map just aren't, and I find myself walking to the same places over and over again, and I can't find new pathways to things. Also, the app crashes frequently. HTH.

#2 The short answer? No.

I bought it a couple months back. Yes some buttons are labled. But honestly, it's not a fully accessible game. Please don't buy it, you'll be wasting your money.

@Ken Downey

You can get your money back. i'm quite sure of it. if you've not gone over the time given to you buy apple.

I don't remember where you go but there was an easy to use site where you loged in, then picked your product then picked from a combo box what you wanted. Example; a refund. But I can't remember it.

#3 Needs some vision

I played that gameBack when I had just enough vision to see shapes and blobs of light and dark on the map. I thought it was free, I don't remember paying for it. But if you don't have just enough vision to see the map it's pretty much unplayable.
It's a fascinating game, richly textured and complex as it expands and opens up to the player. Definitely recommend it for sighted people! I played the same game for about four months, very enjoyable. It's the old-school bar,s tale yo/wizardry type game that they made back in the 80s. The author, a German guy, was a big fan andcreated the game because of his enthusiasm for that type of game from that era.

#4 thanks for all the replies

thanks for all the replies guys.
I will not buy the game if this one is really unplayable.