Should I update to High Sierra or stick with Sierra?

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Hi. i would like to ask if it does update to the latest version of MacOS? i have a problem with my software sound editing this is "Wave Pad". i had updated to the latest version of MacOs High Sierra and Wave Pad hwas crashed in this version. Someone has use in WavePad version 6.4 with MacOS High Sierra? if yes, how it's works? it crashing? Thanks for your replys.


d'ont back down just yet

I'd personally stay with High Sierra for now, and contact Nch about Wave Pad compatibility with High Sierra. They did say it was compatible with Osx10.5 or above, but nothing was said about High Sierra yet. You can downgrade but for just one application, even one being used daily, it's probably not worth the time, not to mention that one of the steps in the near official downgrade method would involve downloading Mac Os Sierra from the App Store, a package which is not available anymore.


I'm not sure if this is true, or just speculation on my part. However, in any case, I don't think you should or can down grade from High sierra to sierra, think of the new file system on the mac side. I'm not sure if it'll effect anything, but thought I'd throw it out there.


I was able to downgrade with a time machine backup.
I had to because I use google talk with messages with my work.
Good luck!

Filesystem change is for SSID only

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If you have traditional (metal) hard drives, High Sierra does not change the filesystem. The filesystem change applies to SSID only.

and e fthilesystem change is completely reversable

Formatting your hard drive to downgrade would format it as hfs for Sierra anyway. What may be stopping you is not having an image. If you don't have a Sierra image, it's s o l unless you have a time machine backup.

Better pdf Support

If you want better .pdf support with VoiceOver, then I'd encourage you to update to High Sierra. I've tested some .pdf files and they work pretty well. In addition, one other feature of High Sierra that is a winner with me is the image recognition. On the flip side, Apple did make some changes to the VoiceOver Utility and it seems one can no longer have different voices for different menus etc. But I'm still figuring this out, so perhaps it is still possible. But I'd say High Sierra is well worth your time.

Thanks for your replyes

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Hello, thanks for your replyes i had updated to MacOS Sierra and everything should works fine with my sound editing, it was a problem that's not related to MacOS. it works fine now and my mac has updated fine. it goe wel.