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Hey there,
we worked really hard for 5 years on our shopping list app 'überliste' and finally released it in the App Store. It's really simple and reduced to make it as functionally as possible. Features like live-synchronization between multiple devices, grocery categories and a shopping history are included. I'd love to hear your opinion on the app!

Thanks a lot already!



Nice app

There are a few unlabeled buttons in the app that I don't know what they are for but the app is really great.

Didn't get it!

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to begin with: thanks for caring about accessibility. I just installed the app but sorry, I didn't get how it works. There are 2 unlabeled buttons on the start screen. Next I found were some products which I couldn't delete because I don't need them. I then added a product but couldn't add it to a list or so. Seems as if voiceovers tab order doesn't work correctly. If I swipe to the right it seems so. Sorry if this seems to be confused but I was while testing the app. If you need mor details please let me know.
All the best, Jürgen


App Developer

Hi Jürgen, thanks for the really constructive critics. Your problems with the App seem really unique. Which Apple device are you using the App with? Normally you can just swipe the products to the right to buy and to the left to delete them. Could you send us screenshots of the unlabeled buttons?( We'd like to take a closer look at this bug.
If you are German (your name suggests it), you can also write in German, if you'd like.
Best regards

unlabeled buttons

App Developer

Hi Sasha, thanks for taking a look at the app!
Could you explain, what unlabeled buttons you exactly mean? It would be great if you sent a screenshot to, so we could understand and deal with the exact problem :)