Seeking help with installing Windows 10 on a Mac

Hi everyone. So I had a question and this seemed like the likeliest place on this site to ask it. I know several years ago someone was nice enough to post a walk-through of how to install Windows 7 without sighted assistance using Bootcamp. Can anyone post another one on installing Windows 10 on a newer Mac? I have a 2015 13-in MacBook Pro and a Windows 10 iso. Not sure how to go about the install once the support software's downloaded. Thanks so much.


#1 Installing Windows 10 on a Mac

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Hello Holden,

Starting with the Windows 10 Creators Update, Narrator can be used in the Windows pre-installation environment. Once you partition the drive and the computer restarts to install Windows, plug in a set of headphones or external speakers, then press Control-Option-Enter (Option is the Mac equivalent to Alt) and Narrator should load up. If you don't have audio output, you may need an external USB sound card... But, if I recall correctly, I was able to get audio output just by plugging my headset into the computer.