Seeking feedback and suggestions for the Blindfold series of iOS games

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Tennis is on my list of games. Would people want the game to use arm movements like the Wii, or use your finger on the screen?

Also, are there any other games or suggestions that you have for the Blindfold series of iOS games?


#301 Charles's idea is almost like what I played

I not only remember the language master, but I still have a fully working one. I remember playing i think it was talking typer and you could say what row you wanted to use. Same thing, it would explode if you missed one. Lol. To bad the emoji can't be used, as I still can't switch pages to find the emoji I want lol. btw the talking typer was on the old school apple two E

#302 I loved playing keyboard

I loved playing keyboard wizard as well

#303 Simulation game

A simulation game that would be absolutely fantastic is one where you are running your own country. There is a good example of this game which you can find online. The game is called Nation States. It is text based and fully accessible with all screen readers. Would recommend checking it out. A game like this for IOS would be great! Here is the URL for Nation States:

#304 Recommendation

Here's a game you may be able to draw inspiration from. It sounds pretty good. It's called Color Switch. If you need any ideas, I'm always willing.
Color Switch by Marc Lejeune

#305 Thanks and a game suggestion!

I feel so lucky that you take the time to write these games for us!!!
Have you ever heard of the game Wizards Castle? I used to play it in DOS but now it won't open on my windows 8! Having it on IOS would be amazing too!
It is so fun. You need to find the orb of Zot.

If anyone can do it, it is you!

Thank you so much,
Atty AKA LabAnimalOne
P.S. I am so addicted to Road Trip that I carry it everywhere. The Spin and Solve and word games have my mind buzzing.
I love Color Crush.
Creativity all round!

#306 Suggestions

Hi it would be nice if you could play against friends through game center. A Baseball game would be awesome! Life would be nice as there is not an accessible life game for IOS. Other game ideas Candy Land, Mouse Trap, Clue, Monopoly, a surfing game where you have to tilt your phone to keep your balance, And Operation.

#307 wizards

App Developer

I'll investigate.

#308 Love the life game and

Love the life game and surfing ideas

#309 to LabAnimalOne

Just curious as to the name you are using. I am using my fifth dog guide. After having worked four excellent German Shepherds, I am working with my first, you guessed it, Lab. He is an animal, and he is, after all, a Lab. His pet name is Lab Animal, so when I read your name, I had to ask.

Now, as for the Blindfold games, wait until you see what's coming down the Pike!

#310 You should make a blindfold

You should make a blindfold swimming game.

#311 What's coming next?

Anyone know when the next game is coming out and what it is.

#312 Blindfold shooting games?

hey! I'm looking forward if it is possible to have Blindfold shooting games.
or shooting zombie games?

#313 Blindfold Baseball?

How about Blindfold Baseball? Swing your arm to hit the ball, tilt the device forward and left or right for running to the bases. Pick and name your team, play through a seeries and play in the field as a catcher. Even the option to be a pitcher.

#314 Regarding blindfold baseball

When batting, swipe or swing your device in the direction of the ball. Run bases the same way as with blindfold horserace. When fielding, make your fielders run faster with the same horserace gestures and swipe or swing your device in the direction of the bases to throw the ball. I guess blindfold bowling gestures can be used for pitching.

#315 shooting games

App Developer

There's already a zombie shooting game made by someone else, isn't there?

#316 baseball

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after monopoly, baseball is the next most popular game from my recent survey. Hence, i'm planning on doing it.

#317 Shooting games

The most popular accessible Zombie shooting game for iOS is Audio Defence: Zombie Arena. In terms of shooting an arrow at a target, there is the Audio Game Hub and Audio Archery.

#318 swimming

App Developer

How would a swimming game work? Please give me details.

#319 Swimming could work.

Free style gestures can be like blindfold horserace. Butterfly could be like the chalking gesture in pool. In short, different gestures for different styles of swimming.

#320 Unrealistic

But how unrealistic it would be. In my experience of swimming competitively, freestyle arm movements are not movements like in Horserace, and butterfly arm movements are only very vaguely like those for chalking in Pool. And how would you simulate kicking and touching the wall at the end of the pool at the end of a race? Swimming is a good idea, but I cannot imagine how it would work and be realistic.

#321 The movements can be more

The movements can be more complicated like swirling your finger for freestyle and pinching to breathe in and reverse pinch to breathe out but you would have to do them fast in order to win

#322 Unrealistic? So very true but

Just the fact that it is an iOS game already makes it unrealistic. Let's face it. Games, regardless of platform, will always be games at the end of the day. You don't see people moving their hands and feet when they play swimming games on other platforms. In stead, they press buttons. The gestures i mentioned, regardless of how unrealistic it is, are simply suggestions. Perhaps a 2 finger tap or double tap can be used to turn at the wall. A beep sound could be used to tell us when we are at a wall.

#323 Realistic

The game needs to have some form of realism in order for it to be interesting. Sighted people would not settle for a game that does not have at least an attempt at realism; why should we? Read this blog post from Marty to see what I mean. Marty brings up the idea of realism in many of his blog posts.

#324 I stick to my argument.

The sound will be there. The graphics will be there. The fact that we are tiring ourselves out will be there, so why should gestures alone be an issue?

#325 there's no challenge. give me a challenge!

In a swimming game there's no challenge, and after about 5 minutes I'd probably delete the game and move onto something else, and Marty doesn't want that I'm quite sure of it. I've never heard of any other swimming games on any other platforms, so don't make us special games that only we can play. To me, the idea of Blindfold games is to take really popular games like all the others, and give them an interface that is accessible to us. I really like that idea. I wasn't so much of a fan of them at first, but Marty's really done some great games. Blindfold Wildcard, Crazy eights, and Roadtrip are my favorites. pinball and Pool are fun too.

#326 There are no swimming games on other platforms.

There are a few track and field games that have swimming as an event though.

#327 In the 90s to early 2000s,

In the 90s to early 2000s, there were athletics games on gameing consoles.

Anyone remember Olympic gold and track and field?

In those games, to make the athlete run or swim, it was a matter of how fast you could do alternate button presses, one at a time of course.

It's basicly button bashing, but you did have to be careful, cause while you may not get tired, the athlete did.

One of them even had weight lifting, and the way that was implemented made your fingers tired.

I could do most of the events in Olympic gold, except for archery, herdals, and diving, but that was because those events were more visual.

Obviously those aren't realistic implementations, but it was fun for its time.

#328 Exactly so.

Those implementations were far from realistic, but the sound, graphics and feeling is what made it realistic to some point.

#329 to David Standen

Well, by now, you've found out that you were correct. The Blindfold Pinball game is a very good app for the iDevice. Marty: Great work on fixing the bug dealing with bonus balls. Now, if I can actually GET a bonus ball, that will be awesome. I reset my scores on May first, erasing my previous high of 5,570 points. It has been mentioned before, but I think that a fual flipper game for all speeds would be a good option. Thanks.

#330 bonus ball

App Developer

found and fixed the bug. New version should be out in about a week.

#331 Blindfold life game

I love the game of Life, and to my knowledge, there's no accessible version of it for iOS. I think that would be such an awesome and worthwhile addition to the Blindfold series of games.

#332 response to life suggestion

i'd love to see the ios game of life as part of blindfold series to:)

#333 Cool!

I'm excited about Baseball! I think it could be made simmalar to the Baseball game for Wii! As for zombie games I think we have enough of those already maybe to many zombie games. I hope we get Life at some point as well! A swimming game might be kind of boring but what about a diving game? Avoid sharks and other vilent sea creatures while looking for treasure.

#334 treasure

I second the treasure and life game and I hope in future there will be a trucker simulation game.

#335 I also like the treasure in

I also like the treasure in life games

#336 Future game for Blindfold series

I have recently been playing Blindfold Pool and absolutely love it! I wondered if a Snooker game could also be made? Also, I still think a golf game would be absolutely fantastic!

#337 snooker

App Developer

I'll look into that.

#338 My thoughts

While I agree there are lots of accessible shooting games, and that Audio Defence is the best one of them all, unfortunately, the game is unstable. I agree with Tunehead about adapting sighted games. I guess that is part of the reason why I approached Marty about creating an accessible version of Astrosmash. Those of you who grew up with Intelevision systems would know the game I am speaking of. While Marty explained to me there were several objects falling at once, I guess it could be simplified, as Pool was. I also love the treasure game idea. However, as I indicated in the survey, I would really like to see an accessible version of Packman.

#339 Packman

Doesn't the Eye Music: Hearing Colored Shapes app have a Packman game, or maybe it used to?

#340 Not sure

I'm not sure. I don't even know about the app you are speaking of.

#342 Ideas for Blindfold Games

Like others, I absolutely love the new Pool game, I have been waiting a long time for one that is accessible. Great job Marty, look forward to seeing what you come out with next.

A couple of ideas on possible games... I do agree a good Life, Monopoly, Snakes & Ladders and Golf game would be awesome. Perhaps something like Mummy Maze from Pop Cap, the same makers as Bejeweled. Another one that I think could be pretty cool, You Don't Know Jack! I know that they had one on iOS, which seems to have disappeared and all that remains is a sort of YDKJ Buzzer app of some sort.

Also there could always be a Family Feud, JeopardyTic-Tac-Toe (don't recall if this one might already be in the Word Games(, and one card game like Skip Bo.

Just a few ideas. Thanks again and keep on the awesome work!

#343 Game suggestions.

I just went back to the beginning and looked through all these comments and suggestions. Thanks, Marty, for explaining Tetris. Never understood what it is, and would be interested in playing. I have an APH game for windows called "toodle Tyles". It is similar to Mahgong and would be interested in an IOS version. I have always enjoyed 15 number games in various sizes and would really like to have one in your games. What is that paw print game somebody mentioned?Thanks for all the variety.

#344 for MonkeyGamingFSB, snooker

Actually, the only difference between pool and Snooker is that the Snooker table is longer and narrower, and the pockets are smaller. The balls are identical. With this in mind, I wonder whether the Snooker could be added as another table as an addition to the already existing pool game. The same choices of surfaces could be selectable.

#345 For Charles

Good idea Charles, and I understand what you mean about the difference in terms of table size and pocket width. I think the way the balls work is a bit different though. For example, there are twenty two balls on a snooker table in total. There are fifteen reds, which score one point each. After you break, you must pot a red to begin the game. The colours of ball and the number of points they score are slightly different as well. For example, potting a yellow ball will score two points. Potting a green ball will score three points etc. Also, if you shoot the ball too hard, and pot the white, it is classed as a foul and the opponent is given four extra points. I do think Snooker would be a really good game though, if Marty could develop it!

#346 idea for blindfold games

I have a idea for a game. there are game that cald Gta. maybe it could be created accessible game?

#347 I very much doubt that GTA

I very much doubt that GTA could be made into an audio game on an iPhone. theres just to much going on. A PC game perhaps, but even then it would be tricky.

#348 GTA

In the past, I have emailed Marty with suggestions for all sorts of games. I sometimes felt I was asking a lot of him and none of the suggestions I offered came remotely close to a GTA game. As previously stated, there's just too much going on, and to be honest, I think it's probably too visually orientated. I will also say, I have contacted the developers of GTA in the past about accessibility in their games, and have had absolutely no response whatsoever. I felt that this was really disappointing, as both myself and the charity I work for went to a lot of effort.

#349 Wishful thinking

I'd love a GTA game too I'd also love a SIM's game. The SIM's game seems like it would be the easiest to make accessible and saddly its never been done. Also GTA would not exactly be kid friendly and I think that that is the purpice of Blindfold games.

#350 Jetpack joyride

I don't know if I have already suggested it, but jetpack joyride would be a great addition! You'll need juste one gesture to play it