Seeking Blind Warriors for the Audio Defense Giveaway!

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The developers of Audio Defence : Zombie Arena have been kind enough to give the AppleVis community a limited number of promo codes for the app. Audio Defence : Zombie Arena, an emersive zombie shooter like no other, has been getting a lot of rave reviews on the AppleVis website.

From the App Store: "Made from gut-wrenching 3D binaural sound, for a new kind of weird immersion. You are the blind warrior, fighting off wave after wave of Dr Bastard's Zombies. With 3D binaural sound the zombies really are all around you."

If you would like to enter to win a promo code for Audio Defence : Zombie Arena, all you need to do is Tweet the following on your Twitter timeline. Once you have done that, please be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know that you have done this and providing us your Twitter name. From there, we'll add your name to the virtual drawing box!

To participate, simply tweet the following:

Find out how you can be one of the blind warriors for the Audio Defence Giveaway! @audiodefence

This Giveaway will go until Wednesday, November 26th and will end at midnight in your local timezone. Following the contest, we will randomly select the winners and notify them via the e-mail address registered with their AppleVis account. (Note: please make sure you have the correct e-mail address in your AppleVis profile!)

On another note, Somethin' Else has made Papa Sangre, Papa Sangre II, and The Nightjar available as a single app bundle:

Good luck and happy tweeting!


#1 Entry submitted

I have posted the tweet. I assume it still counts if I shorten the link? As it's far too long without doing so and my client would not post.
Also, random curiosity, how exactly does it ending in our local time zone work? How will this thing end earlier for some people than others?
Twitter name is @PatBouchard

#2 Submitted

I have posted my Tweet. My Twitter name is @WCARDude

#3 I have tweeted

I can't wait to kill some zombies. My twitter name is @LordLuceus

#4 I have tweeted

can't wait to kill some zombies. Twitter Username is @Maulwurf83

#5 Tweeted (but do you mean Nov. 26th) as cutoff date?

Hi, I tweeted the message as @moriond, using the shortened URL: However, since today is Tuesday, November 25th, perhaps you meant to say, "This Giveaway will go until Wednesday, November 26th and will end at midnight in your local timezone."? Otherwise, a November 25th cutoff date is rather soon for most people, and is only a few hours away for UK forum members.

#6 I have tweeted check it out

Hi I have tweeted
my name is
Marco Serrano
and my Twitter usual name is
I can wait to play this game!!!

#7 Posted my tweet @BrettAndReyes

Posted my tweet to be entered to win a promo code @BrettAndReyes Thanks.

#8 Submitted

I just posted my tweet to try and win a promo code. Twitter name is @Deng90 If you like, You can follow me there as well.

#9 promo code

You know some of us do not care to use twit so what about those of us? Can not participate with this

#10 Corrections

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Thanks for the correction folks. I have made the corrrection to reflect that it is the 26th that is the deadline and not the 25th. I have also fixed in what needs to be Tweeted. It should be shorter now. As for when does the desline technically end? We will go for the western zone of the United States at Midnight. That should get everyone and have time to get their name in to the box.

Thanks for pointing out the few issues. ;)

Good luck to you all.

#11 Tweet posted

My username is @cansino21, good luck to everyone

#12 submitted

Hi there. I've tweeted for the Audiodefence giveaway. My Twitter name is brenth82

#13 Entry Submitted

Hello, I've submitted an entry to the giveaway. Sorry for the duplicate post if indeed I accidentally sent this twice. Twitter name: phantom_flutist

#14 tweet posted

i hope to be one of the lucky guys who will get the code. my twitter handle is

#15 Twitterr

I tweated also! What a cool idea, I am @blindwellness. Thanks for all you do.

#16 Tweeted

I finished tweeting. My twitter name is

#17 Twitter Name

Look forward to winning a promo code for this game! My twitter handle is:

#18 Twitter handle

Just tweeted. Would love to win a promo code for this game! My twitter handle is @msalmanhaider

#19 My entry is in.

My entry is in.
Twitter user name @j__mink

#20 done!

I have tweeted! username is @aaronr77

#21 tweeted!

I've just submited my tweet!
Username is:

#22 Entry submitted!

Just posted it! No idea if yorufukurou shortenned it, I'm guessing it still counts. My twitter username is @guillelv_2000

#23 Out of curiosity

Club AppleVis Member

Even though I already have the game, how many promo codes is a "limited number?" I am sure I am not the only one wondering the same thing.

#24 audio defence tweet

I just tweeted for a pomo code, my twitter name is @aedangk

#25 Tweet Posted

Tweet posted. Twitter handle: remix man

#26 Tweeted

I just tweeted the text towards a friend of mine as well. My Twitter username is @santiagoblue7

#27 the big R has entered the

the big R has entered the audio defence give away. I really need to kill and kill and kill. Please, stop me from wanting to kill, Lol.

#28 I too have posted the tweet

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I have tweeted in hopes to become a blind warrior.

#29 Got it

Tweeted it on my Twitter. I'm @KevanGP, if anyone wants to follow me. Open for new followers. I already have the app, but I might be able to give it to someone.

#30 Posted my Tweet too.

Posted my tweet and my twitter name is blindbat84. Have been wanting to try this for abit.

#31 tweeted

my twitter usernamie is @miki123211

#32 Tweeted it.

Just put it up on Twitter. @zhtfreak

#33 twitted it

My username is @rafafreundt and I hope it still counts for the contest, since I am from Peru and don't know what time it is on the western part of the US right now.

#34 Now Closed

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Thanks for everyone that have entered for the giveaway! This entry is now closed. Today the promo codes will be distributed to those lucky winners! So watch for the email if you are one of the lucky winners!