Seeking blind gamers willing to be interviewed


I'm a producer working on a project that would involve making a game for blind people.

I stumbled across this forum online (sorry for encroaching on anything) and wanted to ask if anyone would be interested?

Would be only 15 minutes of your time. To be upfront, I have no money to offer but you could potentially be looped in to a big project and there may be opportunities down the road if this takes off.

Thank you!


I'll bite

Why not? Just send me a message or email at florianbeijers (at) google's mail service to discuss specifics

count me in.

Hello phoebe,
Games of any kind have a special place in my heart :D so if my time and input can be used to create a new game or help you in any way at all, I'll be glad to be of help.
nishantrana3 at gmail com is where you can contact me at,or provide me with your contact info and I shall get back to you. :)

Why not

I've been playing games since I was 3, and not just ones made specifically for the blind and now gaming has turned into a very important passion. You can Email me via the contact feature on this site.


Hello, I am writing from Peru and would also be interested in the interview. Contact me through here and I will be glad to help.

I may bite

Email me more information. kingettr at gmail . com

I would be interested

Hello there. My name is Remy, and I am a severely visually impaired writer, voice actor, musician and sound designer who has been enjoying narrative-driven gaming experiences for most of my 35 years. I have played very few "games made for the blind", but would love to see such games get more in-depth in terms of storytelling. I would be happy to answer your questions. my email address is

Count me in!

I would be very pleased to participate with an interview. I am a gamer who has lost vision completely about 10 years ago and this change did little to slow my interest in the hobby. I have played a variety of games in my sighted days, and I still do now.

My email that I would prefer you to contact me at is:

I'm Interested Too

Not sure if there's space left, but if so feel free to email me via my contact form on here and I will be in touch. I've been gaming on and off for several years, and am glad to speak with you. I'm also a general techno geek. If you're too busy or whatever, no worries.


Club AppleVis Member

Hi. I would like to participate. you can call me to +972509549090, or at email:

i'm in

count me in for the interview, i'm into any type of game

I love games.

I am always craving something new to play, I particularly would like more games with complex stories. My email is, looking forward to seeing what you have in mind! Thank you for posting here.

More Information

I would like to know more information about the interview before I decide to participate. You may contact me by the contact forum. Have a great day!
Thank you,