Seeking an audio stream of today's Apple event

Hi everyone!
Well, we all know that Apple is holding a special event today. But here in China, I can't listen to it because it'll be 1 A.M in the morning. So I'm hoping to maybe catch an audio stream or download of the event? Are these things available? I believe you guys know more about this than I do. Thanks for your help!


This is great!

Thanks for your reply. I opened it successfully, and for now, it doesn't pause in the middle.
I'm sorry if I ask another question here, the file is .m3u, but it says on my media player that I'm playing an MP3 file of 160 KBPS and 44.1 KHZ. What's going on here? ... Other than that, this looks very good! :)

The .m3u is a multimedia

The .m3u is a multimedia playlist file type. It’s basically a text file with the streaming url which in this case happens to be a .mp3 audio stream.

Thanks for all your help!

Now I understand it. Thanks for everything! :) I'll be looking forward to the event! :)

Twit will have a live stream

Hi. I heard that TWIT would have a live stream of it. And if memory serves me right, they keep archives 'of their live streams. If you go to you should find it.