Seeking Accessible Sequencer for The iPhone

Hello friends!
I guess that a number of us might consider ourselves to be musically inclined in a special sense. Maybe some of us are even into the art of playing one musical instrument or the other. I myself am such.
But I need someone to help me with any information he/she might have regarding whether or not there's any accessible music synthesiser/sequencer application available for the iPhone. Cheers!


#1 sequencing software

App Developer

basically garage band will do this. its got some synth lead type patches and some piano / organ ones its seriously funky for bending notes and stuff with the lead patches its kind of like playing on a single string. i think you can hook an external midi keyboard via bluetooth. but i'd need to check on this. i've only used it on my itouch. its good fun though, cots 4 uk squid

#2 Alchemy

alchemy studios by camel audio is also very nice. It also works with external midi keyboard.

#3 Hmm! Kind responses!

Greetings, Neil and Ken. Thanks a lot for your responses. I have just checcked the App Store for details on the apps you both suggested. There's quite some laudable detailing on the Garage Band; I think I'm kind of contemplating its adoption. But Ken, I cccan't seem to find the Alchemy Studios application on the App Store. Maybe you could help out by possibly providing a link to its location. Also, Neil, please, I reckon you haven't tried using the Garage Band with a mini Bluetooth Keyboard on an iPhone. Just in case you do get to try it soon, please let me know how it works. I know the app cccosts a fairly great deal, but it's ok as long as it provides the utility optimally and is accessible to the blind user of VoiceOver. Blessings TO YOU guys!

#4 just searched for alchemy

hi just searched for alchemy and they took off the app store and camel audio is closing its doors

#5 What a pity!

that was the only accessible seventh for the iPhone that I know. Bye sense, I mean that you can create and generate your own sounds with it. That is the most awful thing I've heard in a while… At least in the last couple days…Siri, I'm trying to say synth

#6 According to MacRumors, Apple Acquired Camel Audio

MacRumors reported a month ago that corporate registry searches showed Apple had acquired Camel Audio, the maker of Alchemy. Here's the link to the article:


#7 Garage Band--The app is of a quite Colossal Size

Hello Neil! In addition to the general comment I added in response to your kind contribution in which you endorsed the Garage Band app, I'd like to mention, too, that my later careful examination of the app details showed that it is of a quite heavy size to download upon purchase: 597 Megabytes. That's really huge! Doesn't look like something I would be able to download onto my iPhone using my cellular data, but only with a WiFi connectivity. or do you suppose I can do that with my cellular data as well?

#8 Kudos for clarifying!

Many thanks, Esther, for providing that clarifying information. I've just checked out the article on Apple's reported acquisition of Camel Audio. I'm grateful.