A report of Cord the popular app getting pulled from the IOS app store

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Hi, I was on twitter and I found a tweet about Cord the popular messaging app will get pulled by the end of this month. I was on Skype with a friend and She told me the same thing.

Does anyone know about this news? Some people are saying that It didn't do so well in the App Store because There are so many other apps that allow us to send voice messages for longer. With Cord, You only get about 12 seconds to say your message. This is not a lot of time. You have something like Apple's own Imessage app that allows You to send unlimited audio or video messages. We even have Zello and so much more.

Please tell us your thoughts on this subject.



Haven't seen

I haven't seen this tweet, so therefore I will not comment on what i have or haven't heard about.


A rumor is not fact. I don't pay attention to them, nor do I spread them. Period. I will mention this nowhere.

Actually I just looked on

Actually I just looked on their twitter, and it's true.
Here is their [page where they announce it[(medium.com/) I never really loved the app although it was useful. Oh well.

I will miss it.

I have been using Cord for a while now And I kind of will miss the app when it is pulled

I suggest everyone switch over to...

for better voice communication, I suggest everyone switch over to Roger, which is a lot more accessible with no time limit!!! you can download it from the app store, update will be out this week with a surprising feature, shhhh, stay tuned!!!

i got recommended app

hello all if anyone wants to add me to there roger list to find profile go to
have a awesome day:)
PS: if you choose to add me and you decide to speak please indicate you found me cause of this applevis site thanks.:)

there's also voxer

There is also Voxer, but I haven't used that in quite some time.

It lets you do the WalkieTalkie thing, plus you can listen to messages in real time as they come in.

I know there's an entry somewhere on this site for it.

It also has a web version, so you can sign in on your desktop, but I didn't like the accessibility of the web version.

For some reason the push to talk wouldn't behave.

They were suppose to be looking into it, but I haven't tried it since I let them know on twitter.

If enough people start using it, I might reinstall the app.


WhatsApp is also a good one, and is now free for life. Yay and stuff.

I was..

I was hoping to get WhatsApp or Roger but u need a phone number.


This is why voxer is good.

They give you the option of signing with facebook, creating a username, or using your phone number.

I signed in using facebook because it was quick and easy.

Any app that doesn't ask for

Any app that doesn't ask for your number already has a thumbs up in my book.

Unfortunately, not many do.

Heytell, Voxer, Zello, Kik, although Kik is text only.

All of those I just listed don't ask you for a phone number, instead they ask you to sign up with an email address.

Heytell is the acception, all that does is ask you to confirm who you are using your contacts, in other words, creat a contact with your detales and tell it this is me.

Maybe it's just another way of signing up, but if you ask me, it's way easier than filling out an online registration form.

Most people have themself as a contact anyway, after all, how else does Siri know who you are.

I'd rather have a phone

I'd rather have a phone numbers as you can create disposable numbers you can then use for what's app, etc. Plus people can easily get that info anyway through various means. OH well, what ever works, I guess.