Recommendations for a simple accessible radio app

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Hello all:
I am looking for a simple radio app to be able to listen to a few of my favorite FM stations. I find Tunein Radio to be overkill. I need to be able to listen to it on my bluetooth headphones otherwise an actual radio would have done the trick! I find myself having to play with TuneIn radio for about ten minutes daily to simply listen to my favorite NPR station. I would love to have an app start off with streaming my favorite station upon startup. Can it get as simple as that? Somebody suggested I get the iPod Nano but spending $150 when I have my iPad seems ridiculous.
Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
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#1 Try OOTunes, or Radium

OOTUnes, and Radium are both free. They are also accessible. Do you have the free version of TuneIn? If so, there might be your problem as I bought the pro version but had to add favorites again.

#2 Thank you

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Hello themusicman:
Thank yo ror your suggestions. I will try both atones and Radium. Yes, I do have the free version of TuneIn Radio. I think I will get rid of it because a lot of the social networking stuff get in the way of my trying to listen to my favorite FM station.

#3 Oo Tunes is free now?

Wow I had no idea Oo Tunes had gone free. When I bought it I got it for $5.99 and didn't mind paying for it one bit since it's one of the best radio apps ever. But that's cool.

#4 simple radio

Try Simple Radio and it's free

#5 no it's not

I wish it is but it's not. I want to buy it anyway but I am not sure it compatible with iphone 6 8.2 ios or not Does anybody know?

#6 Oo Tunes?

If you're asking about oo Tunes, yes it runs fine on an iPhone 6 using iOS 8.2. I have had no problems using it whatsoever. If it turns out that it's still a paid app, go for it. It's a nice, simple app but it's loaded with features. You probably won't use all of them, but you will love it.

#7 thank you

Yes I was talking about OoTunes thanks. I sure will buy the ootunes I don't mind to pay 5 dollars even know I already had tune in. Sorry for my bad English.

#8 Ootunes Tip

If you're wanting an app that lets you get to your favorite stations quickly, you can't do much better than Ootunes. I think you can set it to start playing your most recently played station on startup, but here's another tip to get to the station you want quickly.

When you open the app, one of the options you'll see is "recents." Go into that list, and you'll see all the stations you listened to previously. Tap the station you want, and it starts playing. It's one of my favorite features, considering how quick it works.