Questions Regarding My iPhone 6

Hello AppleVis community:
I have a few questions regarding my IPhone 6. First some info; I just bought this phone last week; it is an IPhone 6 and it has 128GB.
Questions are below.
1. Regarding the Alex voice. I am having trouble with the Alex voice. I downloaded it on to my phone but it doesn't work. I tried turning off VO with the triple click and then turning vO back on but Alex doesn't come on; only the default voice. I tried turning VO off and on with Siri but still no Alex. I tried turning the phone off and then back on but still no Alex. I tried deleting and reinstalling Alex but no Alex. Right now Alex is not on my phone. Any tips would be appreciated.

2. Regarding music: How do you delete music off the IPhone?

3. Regarding ITunes: How do you change your password?

Thank you for all of your help and assistance.


Be sure you're connected to

Be sure you're connected to WiFi when downloading Alex. I'd also plug my phone into the wall or the computer, just in case your battery happens to be low. To my knowledge, you can't remove music from the iPhone, though you might try with the actions menu via the rotor. In the past, I've had to delete songs and other audio via iTunes.

I've researched the way in which you can change your password, and the second or first result is one of the Apple pages that gives you instructions. The website indicates that you need to visit a page specific to making such changes. The link that will direct you on how to complete this step process is below:

Good luck.

Questions regarding IPhone 6

Hi Bahzad:
Thank you for the info about changing passwords and music.
I do have the the phone pluged in to the wall outlet and we are connected to WIFI. I hope I can get this figured out because I would like to hear what Alex sounds like. From what I have read on this website Alex sounds better then the default voices.

You need to set alex to the

You need to set alex to the default voice, I Believe. It's under the defaultt language part. I'm not exactly certain on how to do it, since I have only had to do it once when I installed iOS 8.

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Here are the steps I take to try and install Alex.
Settings/General/accessibility/VoiceOver/speech/default: here I select Alex and it downloads. When it is done I make sure Alex is selected and then I close all menus. Still no Alex. The phone is pluged in andconnected to WIFI.

Nancy try this

After you downloaded Alex, add the US english on the language rotor. Then, go to the list of language on your rotor and double tap the more info for US english, there select Alex. Then, switch the boice on the language rotor. There you will hear Alex.

Thank you:

I want to thank all of you for helping me with my Alex problems. I was able to download and use Alex. I am not sure he will be my main voice but it is nice to have choices.