questions about my new Mac

Hello! Today I have got my first mackbook air 13 2017. And I have got lots of questions about it. First, how do I download an enhanced version of the voiceover voice? I tried to launch the voiceover utility, interacted with speech, but than I saw a dialog like configured languages and there was Russian language. But I cannot find the way to download an enhanced version of voices. Also, I couldn't understand how to use appstore. There were lots of links like featured apps, but I couldn't find the search field. What should I do to find it? I need to download Skype to my Mac. Any help would be opriciated. Thank you!


#1 questions on new Mac

hello. to download enhanced voices for VoiceOver, open VoiceOver utility and go to speech. then go to the voices tab. their is an activities scroll area that you interact with and a popup button that says English that is when you can activate it. select customize. then you'll be at a table labeled voices. from here, interact with this table and check or uncheck the voices you want. then select okay and the voices will start downloading. as far as the App Store, their is a toolbar at the top and when you interact with it search is the last item. as far as getting Skype, their are two versionas the classic Skype and a new Skype which isn't the most accessible. just google Skype classic Mac+download and you should find the link to download the classic version. hope this helps,

#2 A quick way to get to the search on App Store

Here is a quick way to get to the search text field on App Store. When the App Store page has loaded, you can also press "Command plus F" to get to the search field quickly without having to get to the toolbar.

Hope that helps.

#3 Gaming app

Does anyone here happen to know anything about an app called Hq trivia and it’s accessability status?

#4 E-mail accounts and another set of questions

Hello! Thank you for your answers. Now i have another questions. First, do i need to set up my gmail account manually on my mac or it will be synchronised with my iPhone? Another question is can i quickly move to the top or the end of the page in Safari? I added a page to favorites in safari on my iPhone but i cannot see it in safari on my mac. And can i move between elements on safari page quicker then just using trackpad and swiping between the elements as on iPhone? On iPhone i don't experience anything bad but on mac i feel like i move really slowly between elements comparing with windows. Thank you again!

#5 Email account

From experience, I think you need to set up your Gmail account on your Mac; it won't sync over from your iPhone. Hope that helps :)

#6 speaking characters and words while typing

Hello! Thank you for your answers! I have got another question. When i type i often hear a word that i'm typing after a period of time. For example if i type the word hello and i stopped on a letter e voiceover will say the word "he" after the shirt period of time. How can i disable it? Also i noticed in a mail app when i'm trying to setup my gmail account that i can hear characters that i'm typing. How could it be fixed? Thank you!

#7 typing echo and the new mac app store

you can set typing echo in the VoiceOver utility, or their is a roter accessed with control-option-V. this has other options but typing echo is one of them. If you upgrade to macOS Mojave, the app store is different. their are various aareas which VoiceOver calls collections, and five tabs at the top. any more questions, I'm willing to answer as well. if anyone needs help on Skype, that's daniel.angus.macdonald