Question About Upgrading to Current (6.1...) IOS on iPhone

I have yet to update my IOS software to the most current version. I had heard that the latest (6.1...) IOS may have caused some problems to both the iPhone and its accessibility features. Since the new 7.0 IOS is slated to become available this fall, I am wondering if I should wait to upgrade. What is the feeling about upgrading to & using the 6.1... IOS at this point. Am I making a mistake waiting and just jumping from 6.0 to 7.0? Again I would appreciate any advice & insight on this issue. Thanks, Adam


They push updates for a reason.

Hi Adam. Personally, I'm one who gets the updates as soon as possible. Not because I need the latest and greatest gadget when it comes out, but more because even if there are bugs, things tend to be fixed with subsequent updates. Id update IMO but of course the choice is yours. Unless you have a 3GS then, ditch it and at least go with a four S. :)

no accessibility differences in 6.1+

hey, there are no real accessibility bugs in the ios 6.1+ update. All the same accessibility is there, but all of the same bugs are there too. IOS 7.0 may or may not resolve these issues (in keeping with Applevis's guidelines). At this point, updating is totally at your desgression. Although there are no real changes in accessibility, there are security fixes you may wish to have until IOS 7.0 officially releases

i don't know where you heard this

i don't know where you heard that accessibility was broken if you upgraded passed 6.0, but it is wrong. i would highly question anything else you hear from that source. i can garontee that accessibility will never be broken in ios. or one would hope so. lol. apple has had a very good track record for not braking accessibility and i don't for see them braking there run ever.

No Reason Not to Update

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Hi Adam, iOS 6.1 is just as stable as iOS 6.0, both in terms of general functionality and accessibility. Several accessibility bugs were fixed in iOS 6.1, as detailed in this blog post from January 28, 2013 when iOS 6.1 was released. Hope this helps, Michael