Question about facebook app

How do I find my groups using the facebook app on my phone? I want to post a message to one but I can't find how to do it with the app.

Greg Wocher


#1 More complicated than it should be

It's under your "Facebook Menu" tab. There's a choice for shortcuts, and "groups" is listed in that list once you expand by double clicking. Going in there you should see all the groups you've joined.

#2 It’s simple for me

To access a list of your groups: double tap the groups tab at the bottom centre after launching Facebook, then double tap the “your groups” button on the top left. There you will see a list of all your groups along with information about the latest posts.

#3 there's anoter way

There's another way to post to groups. You can go to the what's on your mind & tap the option to newsfeed option. Then you can switch to a group.