Question about the AppleVis Channel in the Apple News app

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I've had AppleVis as one of my Favorites in the Apple News app on my iPhone. This was an easy way to stay up on recent posts and podcasts. Now, I'm getting a message that "this channel (AppleVis) is no longer availabe in News". Is there something I need to reset or was this a conscious decision by AppleVis?



Appears to be okay right now at this end

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Nothing has changed at this end, and the channel still seems to be available.

However, something else that hasn’t changed, is the occasional unreliability or inconsistency of whatever backend Apple has in place to power this service. This can result in some articles not showing at all, whilst some others are duplicated.

So, do please check again, as it’s possible that this may have been a temporary glitch.

AppleVis channel still has content.

Since I didn't even know that AppleVis had a channel in News, I favorited that mother faster than one could say yeah baybeh! I was able to like, share and otherwise interact with the news stories up there, as they mirror what's on my RSS feed as well as everything else up here.

O my gosh! I didn't know that

O my gosh! I didn't know that AppleVis had a channel in the News app! Must check into this channel & favorite it!

AppleVis as a Favorite in Apple News App

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Thanks. Re-booted iPhone 6S (9.3.3). Force quit News in App Switcher. Re-opened News. Deleted AppleVis as a Favorite and then re-added it back. That took care of the AppleVis "channel not available" problem. Still not getting AppleVis post updates. I am getting updated news articles on my other Favorites but not getting refreshes on AppleVis. Last article showing up on AppleVis is the article on Apple updating iOS, TVOS, etc.

Just wanted you to be aware in case there was anything happening on your end. Really appreciate the service that you guys provide.

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Good news that this has now resolved itself for you.

We only publish blog posts and podcasts to the channel, so what you are seeing is actually the latest article.