Purchased iTunes Music and Windows Media Player

Hi, guys!
I have a question regarding purchased songs on iTunes. It's sort of complicated, so I'm going to try to figure out which is the best way to explain it.
I was planning on purchasing several albums on iTunes, as opposed to just buying CD's. My question, though, is: is it possible for me to access the music files by using, say, Windows media player for example, in addition to the "My Music" folder?
Thanks in advance!!


the short answer is yes you can

Hi, I use Winamp to listen to purchased content from iTunes almost every single day. The superuser article only refers to movies and tv shows which do have copy protection but music purchased from the iTunes store does not have any kind of drm attatched to it, which is why you can listen in another player like Winamp. Winamp hasn't had an active update in a while but it's my all-time favorite program to listen to any type of music or podcasts, or anything relating to media on my pc. So if you download and install it, it'll play any music you download using iTunes. If you're after movies and tv shows, though, that's another matter entirely and you'll have to use iTunes or your iPhone to listen to that. The m4a format is supported, so it'll work right out of the box.