Pros and cons of updating through itunes or over the air?

Hello all
I've got a quick question about updating an IOS device. I assume when you update over the air that the IOS download stays on your device and you lose that amount of space, 50mb and/or 1gb etc? Is there a clean up program to get that or other locked space back? Where as if you update through Itunes the download stays on your machine (don't remember what folder it goes in)?


It makes no difference

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It's true that the device needs extra space to perform updates over the air, but that gets cleaned up after the installation is completed, so you don't end up losing more space in the end.

The only time this becomes an issue is if your device is nearly full, and there is not enough space available to perform an over-the-air update, in which case doing the update through iTunes can get around the issue without having to delete anything.


Alrighty, thanks. Wasn't sure about that over the air space permenantly being taken up because I could sort of see apple doing something like that just because they could.