profiles on IOS

Hi, can you create profiles that are triggered on things like a headset being plugged in or unplugged? I would want to adjust ring tone and ring tone volume in call volume multimedia volume message alert tone email alert tone, Wi-Fi and Data. If an app is opened that needs Data or Wi-Fi can you have it be enabled? If you can’t do it by default is there an app that will do these things?


Yes, but you need to be jailbroken.

Hi Dennis. It is possible to do what you're asking, but you do need to be jailbroken and have a tweak called Activator installed. If you are on iOS9, it's relatively easy to jailbreak. Ios10 can be jailbroken, But the jailbreak has proven to be a little bit unstable. If you'd like more information about jailbreaking, you can email me at… Cheers! :-)