Problem with RNIB Navigator

Hi everyone,

I've a very strange problem with RNIB navigator. The app quite simply won't work The app opens, but then closes really quickly before any interaction is possible. I've tried deleting and redownloading and that does no good. It worked fine previously. I'm using IO;13.2 on an iPhone 8 and I think it's version 3.7.2 of Navigator. The latest version anyway. I'm guessing that every time I remove the app there is a corrupted setting or footprint lef behind so that reinstalling doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I do make quite a lot of use of this app.


One more thing

This problem seems to have set in ever since I had to set my iPhone up as new a few weeks ago. This was necessary to sort my battery drain problem out after updating my IOS.


A further comment to myself on this one - I've discovered it's a bug. There are two reviews on the App Store that mention the same thing since the 13.2 update. I'm surprised not to have heard more about it on here in that case, but relieved it isn't just me.


Yep just tried using iOS13.2 iPhone 8 and it makes the sound as if opening and then doesn't.

Crashing Also

I am in the same position with the Seeing Eye GPS XT app. Considering how important this app is, I am disappointed that the crashing was not corrected during beta testing before iOS 13.2 was released to the public.

Sendero Are aware

Sendero are aware of the issue, as an email was sent out this morning. They will be releasing an update soon. They advise folks who have not updated to wait until the updated apps are released. Just passing along the information.

This is becoming an unfortunate trend

This is exactly what happened to users of the paid version of Nearby Explorer with IOS 13.1. I think that the developers of such crucial and specialized apps should maintain and active beta program to help catch these problems and at least give us users, who pay a significant amount to have access to these specialized apps, advanced warning so as not to update their phones until the fix is made available. Issuing the warning days if not weeks after the fact is too little too late since many of us have already updated, especially those who were seeking relief from the bug that caused some to lose VO speech and sounds after ending phone calls.

beta program

there is a beta program for the Android version of the paid and as well the free version of Nearby Explorer.

The sendero email made me laugh

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there's an update, but the email asking us to hold off updating to 13.2 a week after 13.2 was released I did find quite amusing. I remember Barclays issuing a similar email when their was a problem with their banking app...but that was within about ten hours of the release of IOS 9 to the public A week is a long time in technology, as the late Harold Wilson might have said, had he lived 24 years longer than he did, had he been blind, and had he used Sendero navigation apps.

RE: #7

I was an early user of NE on both Android and IOS and participated in the beta programs for both platforms. IF it still exists, I don't believe they are active as I haven't seen anything from their beta lists in quite some time.