problem with iphone and headset

hello all,
i have iphone 6 which is updated to the last ios version. the problem is my iphone acts like it has headset plugged in even when i take them out. it means when the headset is out i can't hear or do anything with it.
i tried to turn it off and then on again and it didn't help. i tried to restore all settings to default but that didn't help either. i know that techniquely the speaker works because if for example i take the headset out in a middle of a call the speaker turns automatically on but when i hang up it works again only with headset. more than that when someone calls the iphone rings and i can hear it through the speaker and get the call without headset but then again the problem continues after that.
any help will be very much welcome


#1 Volume

It is possible you have the speaker volume turned down. Try turning up the volume with the headset unplugged. The phone keeps separate settings for plugged in, and unplugged audio.

This is one aspect of the iPhone I wish I had more control of. It's nice that the phone keeps track of all these different volume settings, but I wish I could control them directly.

#2 Still a bug


I agree with the above post. But I think there is still a bug and should be reported to Apple.

For example, prior to plugging in the headset, adjust the volume so you can hear the sounds on the phone speaker. Plug in the headset and adjust the volume for comfort. Unplug the headset and listen to the phone. Did the volume change? For me, raising the volume is a hit or miss. Turning off VO might work too. IF both don’t work, I restart my phone.

BTW, I just noticed that my wired headset is now under airplay. I never noticed it before. Has it always been that way? Iphone 6 on IOS 9.1 with a non Apple headset.

HTH and good luck.

#3 Well it worked. It seems that

Well it worked. It seems that the problem was with the volume of the speaker which was very low.