Problem with 6th sense

Hi I have problem when playing 6th sense. When I fire a bit fast the phone opens a random app like safari or calculator. How do I prevent this? And I have a question: How do we make headshots? Thanks



To make a headshot, you must shoot the zombie between breaths, while it is silent. I have never experienced the problem with other apps randomly opening during the game, so cann't help you there, sorry! :)

Other games

As far as I know there aren't any other audio games by this developer. As for an update, I don't know, but the app hasn't been updated for over a year, so I doubt they will again.

Head Shot

Time your shots toward the zombie just after they growl or breathe, that's when they're not moving as much and that earns you a "head shot."

Opening other apps

Hello, in regards to opening other apps, I am not sure exactly how it happens but the thing to remember is that VoiceOver is off so touching the screen on something like the status bar or something's could cause it to open the control or notification Centre. I guess this is one of the negatives of doing something with VoiceOver off. Hope this helps, Jesse


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My guess is that there will be an update once a new version of iOS comes out. Therefore, it probably won't be until the fall.

Well it has been out since

Well it has been out since ios6 and so far it works. I guess if it really needs an update it will have one ohterwise, no. It really does not need one in my opinion.