Prioritising Wi-Fi networks on Mac

It's possible this has been discussed, but I couldn't find it when I tried to search. How do I change the priority of Wi-Fi networks in System Preferences on my Mac? I can't figure out how to move the different networks up and down in the table. Hope someone can help me with this. Thanks!


Drag and Drop

The only way I have found to do this is by using drag and drop. I've succesfully moved networks around using the voiceover commands for drag and drop.

I tried that, but I only got

I tried that, but I only got the message"couldn'r move...", or "the object is no longer visible". Could you please explain how you managed to do it?


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I have never had much luck with the drag and drop commands, since they fail more often than they succeed. A better way to do drag and drop is to use VO-Command-Shift-Space, which performs a mouse down or mouse up event on whatever VoiceOver is focused on. This is essentially how a sighted user does drag and drop, and it works virtually every time.

I am not at my computer at the moment, so I can't test this right now, but I'm willing to bet this command will work for you.

Actually it might not work

Actually it might not work this time. Here's why

The focus has issues getting to that table even if cursers are beeing followed. I normally rout nd then drag and drop. It worked when I reordered my wifi networks just a week ago.


Worked like a charm! Thanks a bunch! I've rearranged them just now.