Possible bug on Apple Watch: cannot delete emails

Is anybody else able to delete emails directly from the Apple Watch?

When I swipe up to access the ‘Trash’ control and then double-tap, nothing seems to happen.

Am I doing something wrong (quite likely (smiles)), or is this a known problem?


Not able to delete mail

I am not able to delete email directly from the watch. I also experience this behavior in the Messages app. Not only can I not trash Messages, I cannot open them. I have also experienced a more serious bug. VoiceOver gets stuck on the 'clear all button' when attempting to
clear all notifications. Steps to reproduce: swipe down with two
fingers from the watch face. When on a notification, force-touch the
screen. VoiceOver says "clear all button". Double tap with one finger.
The double tap sound is played, but nothing happens. Additionally,
VoiceOver appears to be stuck on this button until the watch is
rebooted. When pressing the digital crown VoiceOver will announce
things like "home" and "clock face,"
but when the screen is touched the only thing that is spoken is "clear
all button." Additional one finger double taps on "clear all button"
do not yield any results. When using Siri, VoiceOver will read the
answer screen, but then reverts right back to "clear all button" after
exiting the answers screen. VoiceOver will also read properly on the
Friends screen by pressing the side button, but again reverts back to
"clear all button" after exiting the friends screen. The only way to
resolve this issue that I have found so far is to reboot the watch.
Thankfully, VoiceOver speaks properly on the power off screen after
long pressing the side button. There are also two unlabeled buttons at the bottom of the screen that you get after activating the Answer on iPhone button when receiving an incoming call.

Has anyone else experienced this bug with messages?

I am wondering if this is a common bug in messages or if there are only a few of us experiencing it. Resetting and repairing my watch doesn't seem to have done the trick either.
Many thanks for your feedback!