partitioning a drive on mavericks

Hi all,
As the subject states, I am looking to partition my external so I can use it as a time machine back up. I have a 2 tb hd, and I want to partition 512 gb of it where I can create my time machine back up. I tried to play around with disk utility, but I couldn't figure out how one might go about specifying the partition size and what not.
Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.
Ideally, if someone can provide step by step instructions on how to do this, I'd be much obliged.



Hello all,
Apologies for this post as a guide already exists on this topic.
The issue I'm having with it is not being able to make the size from tb to gb. I want it to be set to 512 gb.
so far, I'm not having any luck in changing it. Any thoughts?


Have you tried putting something like 0.2 tb?

re, tb

I havenot. I shall try that. so would 512 gb be 0.512?

512 GB is 0.5 TB

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In the binary standard, there are 1024 GB in 1 TB, so 512 GB is exactly half, or 0.5 TB.

Be careful about the size of your hard drive. A 1 TB drive will not have 1 TB of storage. The actual storage varies from drive to drive, so you may want to find out your drive's exact capacity before deciding how to partition it. Sorry, I do not recall at the moment how to determine a drive's actual capacity.


Thank you, I will try that.