Pages, Text Editor, and Safari Help Needed Please...

Hi everyone, I'm Heidi. I am new to learning my Mac. I got the basics of getting around no problem but I am experiencing a bit of issues with Pages, Text Edit, and Safari... I am hoping some of you members can shed some light. Any help is greatly appreciated.

So I am wondering if there are any great in depth tutorials for the above apps mentioned. I really need to learn more than just the basics. I have searched everywhere for tutorials for the High Sierra OS versions but I can't seem to come across anything. There must be some out there.

Any resources would be quite helpful :)


#1 Pages Tutorial

You can check out this article from AFB to see if it applies to what you are looking for.

#2 Tutorials for beginners

Club AppleVis Member

I found very helpful getting started with all 3.

#3 Applevis

Club AppleVis Member also has tutorials and helpful articles.

#4 Thanks

Thank you for the resources everybody