Our latest game Tank Battle Endless Gunner has been released!.

App Developer

This is our new game it is based on a simple tank duel game where you
set the elevation of your cannon and fire.
Tank Battle Endless Gunner
Accessible IOS Tank Duel game.
Destroy wave after wave of enemies.
#a11y #voiceover #accessible

Any and all feedback very welcome


#1 Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this game, it's just my favorite genre! But how to play? Is there a tutorial?

#2 How to play

I'm still trying to figure that out myself, although I think I got it. You have elements that will say something like targets 3. Double tapping on it Will change the focus of your tank. Next to it you will be given the name of a target as well as the distance of the target. Double tapping on this will move your tank closer to the target. There is also an element that will say something like crates 3. Double tapping on it will drop off something. It can be fuel, ammo or cash. They also have elements that will say something like fuel dump 50. You must double tap on it to move your tank towards it and pick it up. The elevation element is to fire. Reverse will probably move your tank further away from enemies, while forward will probably move you closer to the nearest enemy, but I'm not completely sure. Hope the explanation helps some.

#3 Good game

I’m still working out how to play but it’s a good game.


#4 An update on forward

When out of ammo, use forward to ram the enemy.

#5 Here is the text of the help

App Developer

Here is the text of the help file that can be accessed by tapping help in the title screen or by
the options screen in the shop.
It might prove useful to someone.

Thank you all for the support.
As ever i am not very good at explaining how a game works.

Contents of help file
Tank Battle
Endless Gunner

The aim of the game is to keep destroying waves of targets.
Keep your fuel and armour up and do not run out of shells.

Description of screen controls (top to bottom)
The top of the screen contains the
crate and target controls which show the number of
crates / targets left in the current wave.
They can be tapped to show the next crate or target in the scope label.

The next row is comprised of a reverse, scope and forward controls.
The reverse and forward controls will move your tank 100 towards or away from the current
The scope shows the current target and information on the state of that target.
If the scope is showing a crate i.e fuel,weapon or armour then tapping the scope
will make your tank collide and take the contents of that crate onboard.
If the scope shows an enemy target i.e mortar or tanks then tapping the scope will
halve the distance between you and the target.
You can ram the target if the range is less than 100.
The side with the greater armour will win this contest.

The next row is active when you are in range of a target.
Your range is dependant on what shell you are currently using.
You can access the shop to change shell by tapping the weapon control at
the bottom right of the screen.
When in range an elevation is shown this is the elevation of your gun.
You can adjust it by tilting your device.
An elevation of 45 will make your shell travel its maximum range.
This is dependant on the wind shown on the bottom mid right.
Values above and below 45 will make the shell travel less than the maximum range.
The greater the elevation the greater the effect the wind will have on the shell.
To fire a shell tap the elevation.
To fire 3 shells at the last fired elevation tap and hold the elevation.

Below the elevation is the log of events.
This will show a log of current gameplay.

Below this are the statistics.
From left to right
Armour ,Fuel , Wind Speed and the Weapon / Shop control.

A wave ends when no more targets are left.
Stars are given on how you performed during the wave.
You can upgrade your tank and replenish your tank with the stars
in the shop.

hope this helps

#6 is it an audio game or text base game?

before I download it:
is it a text b base game or an audio game?
does it has sounds effects and music?

#7 Wow, what an awesome game!

The subject line says it all. Thank you so much for this game. Very addictive.

#8 A question

Do we have to aim left and right also? I sometimes find shooting difficult and miss allot.

#9 Some Answers

App Developer

The game has been designed to be played with Voiceover and has
sound effects.
It does not rely on a audio component.

You do not have to aim left / right

The wind speed plays a big part in the game.
It sometimes helps to move backwards to get the shot on target.

Thank you all for the support.

#10 Kinda reminds me of nentendo's battle city

Only in this case it's accessible. Great game with great sound. Thanks.

#11 Game

Reminds me of tank command by GMA. If you want more people to use your game, suggest someone do a podcast. Also can you do a submarine command in which you are hunting another sub and they are hunting you. If you can play against another sub from another iPhone or device. Can not understand why games like GMA can not be made. Even where you are fighting another jet, starship enterprise against romulans, klingons or whatever.

#12 Thank you for such an awesome game, John.

Thank you, John, once again for such an awesome game. You always bring superb games. :-)

#13 Tutorial?

I hope the next update! it can be have a kind of Tutorial
to teach some player how to play it!

#14 i think i found a bug but not sure...

Is anyone else having problem when selecting amo drop in the shop? I'm hearing amo drop 1000 stars for instance, but when I press it nothing happens even though I have more than 1000 stars. Is this a bug? I don't get how to make it work. Can anyone else confirm? Great game!!!

#15 Podcast

In my comment I did suggest a podcast from someone in the applevis or developer. I will not purchase an app if I do not know how to play. Monye does not come from tree. My cat Bella will not let me get it until there is a way to view guide or listen to a podcast.

#16 Podcast and other questions

App Developer

I have asked someone to do a video
when it is published i will post the link to it.
As i am no good at this sort of thing and they are.

As for the Ammo drop i have just tested it
it gives 100% of the current shell selected.
You should hear a ricochet sound when selecting the options in the shop.

Thank you for the comments it means a lot to know people are enjoying the game.
As a side note my highest level so far is 12
*I never said i was any good at playing my own games.


#17 I got to level 14 i think

All I know for certain is that there were armored cars.

#18 I think I'm slowly, slowly

I think I'm slowly, slowly getting the hang of how all of this works. May have to give it a play again to make sure. I honestly think that their should be some sort of a getting started tutorial just to get people familiar with how the game play works and all that stuff but otherwise, love the game so far. Just one question, when going to a target, I am hearing some chinging noices. Yall know what that all means?

#19 level 14 as well

My hiest level was 14 too

#20 Suggestion

Hi could you ad a setting to allow a player to choose whether they want to adjust their elevation by adjusting a slider instead of tilting the device as it is not always so accurate.

#21 John

Hope you meant a podcast not a video since all of us are blind.

#22 Connecting with my inner teenage boy.

Well John, I'm thoroughly addicted to this game. Your best so far I reckon. A couple of questions though. 1, what do the different values for things mean? The fuel one seems pretty straight forward most of the time, but the weapons and armour values bamboozle me sometimes. For instance, I might have 50 percent armour left, and I grab a crate with 51 in it, only to find that my armour is only at 90 percent instead of the expected 100. Also, what about the wind speed. What does it mean when its minus or pluss? Oh; and my highest level is 26.

#23 The podcast.

Firstly, there is a podcast. Thomas Donville did it and you'll find it on this site, or follow the link provided in the Applevis apps newsletter. Secondly, if John was actually refering to a video, whose to say that partially sighted, or indeed fully sighted people wouldn't appreciate such a thing.

#24 Some answers

App Developer

The stats show a percentage of their relevant metric.
The shell shows the percentage of the currently selected shell.
The initial maximum for the each shell is 25.

The maximum amounts for the armour and fuel can be increased in the shop for stars.

I forgot to link the fabulous podcast byThomas Donville
as said before you can find it in the podcast sectionof this website.

Thank you all for the feedback and support.

#25 this game is fun, buy does someone else always have to do the wo

The first thing that people ask is, "Is there a podcast?" Part of the fun of a great game like this is to actually work with the game yourself and figure out how to play it after you use the documentation or training provided. If you always rely on a podcast, that detracts from the challenge, as long as adequate training exercises or documentation is provided. For example, Holger will not get a game unless he already knows how to play it. He lets others do the work for him. Also, the reason that a game like Lone Wolf has not been created for the iPhones may be copyright infringement. This does, in some respects, remind me of GMA Tank Commander, but is different enough, and on a different platform, that makes it interesting. Great work, which I appreciate, on a nice game.

#26 Surely it is a nice game but

Surely it is a nice game but unfortunately does not support the Italian language and I do not understand English well. Please, could you add the translation into Italian? Thank you!

#27 Clear as mud.

Hi John. Sorry but I still don't get it. How is it for example, that I can have say 60 percent shell, restock with a weapon crate with a value of 10, and end up with 100 percent shell from doing that.

#28 Answers

App Developer

When the app is a stable version i will try and add some languages

To hopefully clear up the maths questions.

At the start the maximum number of shells you can have is 25 of any one type.

So 60% would be about 15shells
So adding 10 would give a maximum number of shells.

In short you add the number
of shells not a percentage of the total number of shells.

hope this helps
There will not be a test on this *smile.

Thank you for the support and continuing feedback.

#29 Lovin the new update.

So, re the shells, does the maximum limit increase as you increase the size, from like 25 to 50 and so on? I still don't understand the numbering on the weapons crates but anyway, I'm loving the new update. Getting those eco boosts really helps in terms of getting ahead a bit. Awesome stuff.

#30 Awesome game

Awesome game. I just got it yesterday. It’s hard to hit stuff with the firecracker

#31 A question about elevation and wind speed.

Hello john,

I was wondering if you could explain how the windspeed affects your shot. What do the positive and negative values of the windspeed mean? One more thing, I know that when your elevation is 45, it means it will go the maximum range. For example, if you used Hellfire, which has a range of 1090, and your target is at 500 feet range, you wouldn't elevate your gun to 45. You would aim it lower, correct? What if you shoot higher than 45?

#32 Online play with others

Hello!!! Would you be able to play with other people? Or would that be later on as an update?

#33 Some answers

App Developer

You can not play with others online.
This is something i am looking into but is very early to announce anything.

The maths behind the shells is as follows

A shell has a maximum range
When the wind is 0 and is fired at 45 it will travel that range.

If the shell is fired at less than or more than 45 then it will travel less than the maximum range.

When a wind speed is greater than 0 the shell will travel further
When a wind speed is less than 0 it will travel less.

The wind takes greater effect when the shell if fired at a higher angle due
to the shell being in the air longer.

hope this helps
not very good at explaining.

#34 re: Some answers.


Ok, I understand now. If the wind value is in the negatives, then the shell will not travel as far when you angle it at 45, so you have to angle it a bit higher in order to hit your mark. Is that correct?

#35 Yes

App Developer

A wind speed of more than 0 will add distance to the shell
and a wind speed of less than 0 will make the shell travel less.

The further the angle is away either above or below 45 the less the shell will travel.

I am going to stop typing as i am starting to confuse myself.*smile

#36 One more question.

Ok, I see how it works now! Just one more question. When it says, for example, 45 over by 200, I assume that means that at gun elevation 45, you missed your mark by 200?

#37 Answer

App Developer

45 over by 200
means the shell has gone too far (by 200)
depending on shell and wind you need to select a angle of less than or more than 45 to hit the target.
If you are under the target for example under by 100
then you need to fire at a angle closer to 45.

#38 re: Answer.

Ah, ok, I see! Now I understand! Great game, by the way! :) I'm really loving the strategy behind it!

#39 Damages.

Just wondering if you can give us any hints as to how to keep the damages down. It seems that between using fuel and incurring damages, a lot of stars get absorbed back into the game.

#40 You can move at any time but

App Developer

You can move at any time but this does
mean you lose the chance to fire a shell.

I am no great player of the game i just write it.