Would it be possible to make subscriptions on Applevis send fewer emails?

Right now, the Applevis website sends an e-mail whenever someone has replyed to a topic that you're subscribed to, even if you haven't read the previous new comments about which it has already mailed. This adds up to a lot of e-mails. Would it be possible for the site to either:
a. Send e-mails only when you have already read the comments about which it sent a previous e-mail, or
b. Add a digest option, so one could get new subscription notifications in a certain interval in one huge e-mail, maybe something like once a day?

Or is it already possible to change this somewhere?

Thanks for reading!



Maybe in the future

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Coincidentally, I am looking at allowing more flexibility/granularity for email subscriptions as part of a major site upgrade I'm currently working on.

However, being realistic, this is a level of complexity which I might aim towards, but isn't likely to come in the near future. It's certainly on my list though.

Reply to Dave.

Hi Dave and Applevis team,
Thanks so much for this web site! I'm always learning something new about the iPhone even though I've had one for several years. And I so appreciate the ability to ask questions and get all those responses, hints, and suggestions. Finally, thanks for taking the time to do all the podcasts too. This site is a favorite! Keep up the great work!

Sounds good!

Hi David
Thanks for your reply! That sounds really great - I'm happy to hear it's on your radar for future developments.
I want to echo the previous poster and thank you for all the work you do on this website - having a resource like this is fantastic!